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Ordering & Shipping Information

Discussion in 'Himalayan Imports' started by Karda, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. Karda

    Karda Banned

    Jun 1, 2007


    In addition to the online H.I. Retail Site, you may acquire khukuris through a DOTD (Deal of the Day) here at The H.I. sub-forum.

    All DOTD items are sold "As Is" on a "First Come, First Served” basis, meaning that You must be the first to Email Yangdu at [email protected] with your complete information, Including your Name, Forum name, Address, Item Wanted and Method of Payment. (if you do not provide complete info, you may be skipped over for the next person who has done so).
    Yangdu will then confirm availability and you can send payment.

    All pricing is in USD (United States Dollars). All payments, domestic or international should be in USD.

    We only accept Paypal and Visa or Mastercard. We also accept check or money order, but these must clear the bank before shipment is made. Please see this sticky for more information on proper ordering: Ordering Information

    The Forum software has been notorious for losing Emails, so to expedite matters, please use your personal Email client and account when ordering.


    Shipping at one time for DOTD sales, was included in the price listed. Due to the rising costs of shipping, we regret that we can no longer offer this service to our valued customers. Price Listed DOES NOT include shipping and handling charges. When your order is placed, Yangdu will return your Email with the shipping price included. Please see this thread : Shipping and handling Cost

    Shipping Prices for DOTD Sales are as follows :

    USA and Territories only:

    Swords--$28 shipping
    Big Knife ...$28
    Medium Knife ...$20
    Small Knife --- $12

    International shipping cost:

    Priority mail $55
    EMS $70

    All DOTD items are shipped from The Computer Shack, Located in Reno Nevada, USA.

    Shipping usually takes approximately 2 to 4 days depending on circumstances in the USA and Territories.
    International Shipping may take up to several weeks, due to distance involved and your countries Customs practices.

    Himalayan Imports strives to provide the best customer service in the industry to its friends and collectors all over the world. We conduct our business in honorable Gorkha fashion. All our Khukuris are guaranteed for the life of the tool, to the original owner, against defects in workmanship. Himalayan Imports Limited Lifetime Warranty Intentional misuse or abuse, however, does not fall under the warranty and is not honored in any way. We are sure you will be pleased with your purchase, but should you be dissatisfied with your khukuri in any way, please contact Yangdu Martino at [email protected] and your concerns will be addressed in a timely fashion, as business permits. Likewise if you LOVE your purchase, as we are sure you will, please feel free to let her know!

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