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Rubber seals & Vaseline

Discussion in 'Wilderness & Survival Skills' started by Larry in KY, Feb 2, 2000.

  1. Larry in KY

    Larry in KY Banned by Moderators

    Feb 8, 1999
    Is vaseline good to use on rubber seals, as on flashlights, to preserve them? Is there something better? Thanks!
  2. Barry L. Schuchart

    Barry L. Schuchart

    Apr 25, 1999

    I use Vaseline on most rubber seals like that. However, it is still prudent to check them occasionally. I use another product sometimes called Sil-Glyde. This is a silicone based lubricating compound. Hope this helps.
  3. KillerMan


    Dec 9, 1999
    I find that vaseline works wonders on the seals and threads for my Mini Mag and Maglites. It makes it easier to unscrew and screw on the various endcaps, etc. and in the case of the mini maglite, actually waterproofs the flashlite (the deepest depth I have tested it on was about 12'). Plus it keeps the seals from cracking.
  4. Walt Welch

    Walt Welch

    Oct 7, 1998
    Vaseline or other petroleum products should never be used on rubber or neoprene objects. It can deteriorate the rubber or neoprene very rapidly.

    The correct lube to use is a silicone based lubricant, which comes with or without Teflon. This is available in spa or pool stores. You can also use the silicone spray for MagLights and other applications, especially if the weather is cold.

  5. Larry in KY

    Larry in KY Banned by Moderators

    Feb 8, 1999

    You are absolutely right!! I had some silicone spray and I read the instructions, etc; and it is for many things, including RUBBER! Thanks!
  6. Normark


    Nov 7, 1999
    Hi Walt...

    I agree 100%...

    Use silcone grease if anything!!!

    ttyle Eric...

    Eric E. Noeldechen
    On/Scene Tactical
    Custom made, High Quality
    Concealex Sheaths and Tool Holsters
    Canada's Only Custom Concealex Shop!

  7. Brian Jones

    Brian Jones Moderator Moderator

    Jan 17, 1999
    If you're not too embarassed to go buy KY jelly, then....

    "Hi, I'd like some KY, please."

    (strange look from pharmacist)

    "Oh, c,mon, it for the rubber seal of my FLASHLIGHT!!!"

    "Hey man, whatever turns you on..."

  8. Donald


    Jan 20, 1999
    I use a small plastic "jar" of pure silicone grease. It has the following information on the "jar": Sport Divers Mfg., "O" Ring Lubricant, 1 1/4 oz, and cost $6.50 years ago. I bought it at a Scuba Diving Shop.

    Although I have read instructions which suggest treating "O" rings with Vaseline, I agree with Walt that it is not a good idea. It is certainly harmful to latex, one reason to use K-Y jelly on such products. Brian, K-Y jelly will not hurt your "O" rings, but since since K-Y jelly is water soluable, I would not recomend it for that use as it might dissolve and allow water to penetrate your flashlight.

    OK, I managed to find some instructions to my Solltaire Mag Light. They state: "Periodic Maintenance: To keep the O-ring seals from drying out and the screw threads operating smoothly, apply several drops of petroleum oil or jelly two or three times a year." Can anyone explain why they would state this?

    My Silicone grease was an expensive purchase for the size, but several years later, I still have about 2/3 of it left, say 3/4 of an ounce. I know it is safe for any type of rubber and presumably for most contact since it is, at least as I recall, used on regulator parts that you breathe through.
  9. Jeff Clark

    Jeff Clark

    Apr 27, 1999
    All I know for sure is that you are never supposed to use petroleum jelly with condoms. This old warning states that petroleum jelly attacks latex (natural rubber). I don't know how much petroleum jelly attacks neoprene (synthetic rubber) that they often use for O-rings. I guess that they could also use a silicone-based type of O-ring these days. I would consider using something like Armor All (spelling?). A little wax would seem safe as well.
  10. SammyB


    Jan 17, 1999
    Use some wax or KY on rubber seals.

    Use Vaseline on the rubber sheep.....

    -Sam [​IMG]
  11. Walt Welch

    Walt Welch

    Oct 7, 1998
    Donald; Mag-Lights come lubed with silicone liquid. So why do they recommend Vaseline or petroleum oil?

    I speculate two reasons: first of all, neoprene was designed to resist petroleum products, and does so fairly well.

    Secondly, most people wouldn't know what silicone liquid or grease was, let alone how to find the stuff. For several years, the only source I knew of was a diving shop, where the stuff was exorbitantly priced. I just happened to be in a spa store, buying chlorine and other chemicals, when I noticed a rack full of silicone grease, with and without Teflon, at a very attractive price.

    Just my speculation. Walt

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