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Rules for the Giveaway, Contest, and Raffle Forum!

Discussion in 'Giveaway, Contest & Raffle Forum' started by RevDevil, Aug 12, 2015.

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  1. RevDevil

    RevDevil Super Evil Supermod Staff Member Super Mod

    Nov 9, 2009
    Heads up, as these are the rules for this forum effective immediately. A few things to take into consideration for those that want to conduct giveaways and raffles.

    Your profile must be filled out with your location, email address, etc. There is no need for a life story, but what city, state, country you are in, etc needs to be filled in. There is the issue of communication, you need to have your ability to receive PM and email turned "on". You are responsible for this, no one else can do this for you.
    Second, you need to be present. If you have life issues, work, raising llamas, or whatever is going to keep you from fulfilling the deal then don't even get started. Flaking out here will not end well. Make sure you can dedicate the time necessary to make things successful.
    Lastly, we reserve the right to modify these rules as necessary to protect the forums, members and community in general as needed.
    Read the rules, it's not difficult. If you cannot be bothered to read and follow the rules, then don't be surprised when you get shut down. You agreed to read and follow them when you signed into the forums.

    Potential exceptions can be made if there is a benefit visible. As always, Spark will have the last say in what happens.

    • Registered users can start their own giveaway threads. They can reply to their own giveaway threads. It's based on the Exchange rules. A paid/supporting subscription gets you into the game and allows you to participate in the
    • They are not allowed to reply to other people's giveaway threads. This is to prevent people from registering multiple accounts for multiple chances at giveaways and provide some sort of identification in case scamming occurs.
    • Manufacturers and makers can do giveaways in their own forums that are open to everyone, in here, or whatever the appropriate section is.
    • The dedicated giveaway forum is considered a premium content area for people who help keep the site open through purchased memberships. Membership privileges as they are in the Exchange apply here as well.
    • Hope this makes sense and clears up some confusion.


    • As far as raffles are concerned, you MUST check with a SuperMod before starting the thread. They will help you to get things organized and done correctly (hopefully). Don't just start a thread out of the blue, it can be closed and moved offline.
    • Make sure you are raffling something that is of quality, don't offer up junk you aren't interested in or low dollar items. It defeats and undermines the purpose of the entire effort. This is not the place to sell things, so don't go there, a sale is not a raffle.
    • Be organized, know how many spots, and how much money each spot will be. Don't try and change the rules halfway through, that will get you shut down.
    • If you pay via Paypal, then do not write the underlined word above anywhere on your payment (don't be stupid), simply write your forum name, nothing else! If you ignore this, you will never be allowed to participate in a raffle again and you will earn yourself a custom infraction for your trouble. You could mail your payment via USPS MO if that helps, but if it takes 2 weeks to arrive then that is on you.
    • Have fun. This is supposed to be used to benefit a good cause. If you follow the rules then you are good to go. We are not trying to make this difficult or confusing, so of you have questions, please ask a moderator for help.

    For the mean time, don't start randomly sending money to people you don't know expecting to "buy slots" until we figure out the legitimacy of the prize, the number of slots available, cost, and the person holding the raffles. The last thing we want is for anyone to get burned by some thieving scumball trying to pull a fast one on the community.

    If you have questions, please ask and we can hash it out between Spark and the mods.

    Bladeforums has a rule regarding solicitation. It's sad that a few scammers ended up having such a negative impact a few years back that this rule became a necessity. However, you can ask Spark for an exemption, but it should be for a good reason/cause , the rule came directly from him as a result of a series of bad experiences that left some people in the community pretty upset.
    The answer is always "No", unless you ask. With that said, here is the rule:

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