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The view from my window

Discussion in 'JK Handmade Knives' started by KYenglish, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. KYenglish


    Nov 26, 2010
    Okay, so it's not exactly just out the back door, but it's on the property. We rent, planed on fixing the house up and working to buy the place, but now it seems like it's going to be too much work and the guy want more then we think it's worth cause of it.

    Since I left home I've always lived with a few aches to play on I grew up in what an american would call a subdivision, and we called an estate, and don't find anything wrong with that at all, but for myself I've always chosen an wanted some land. Kicks ass living in Kentucky.

    Anyway, here's the deal, we've found a house we like a lot (no an easy task) but it's in tow. More then that it doesn't have much of a yard. It's an older house, which we like, but already fixed up. Feels homey inside, and if we didn't live where ad when we do it would never be in our price rage. We're about to grow out of this house, baby's going to need a room pretty soon, ad it's becoming clear we're not going to be able to grow this house anytime soon. We've looked at about 100 houses over the last 2 years and honestly getting tired of the search, part of the problem is the one we want is't for sale ad won't be. Could say we're hard to please. But we probably wouldn't like the pharseing :p

    anyway it's getting to where we just want to be in "our house" or at least in a nice house that isn't part way broken and waiting to see how the cookies will crumble.

    So do you give up the land for the house you want, and what do you want outside your window?

    I don't need you all to make up my mind but you know how it is when you talk about the same thing over ad over again with the same person, eventually it gets hard to have a new thought. plus I now a lot of you guys like the outdoors and some of you even live in nice big fancy houses, heck bet a bunch even live in town :p

    Plus I was updating the "I got a package..." thread with pictures from the walk we took today and it got to me thinking about it all over again.

    Hope you're all well,

    I have no idea how this picture got here, none at all
  2. mqqn

    mqqn Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 12, 2009
    Since you say the house you found that you want:

    - is not available for sale
    - does not have the land that you would like

    It sounds to me like you are still in the hunting stage.

    Just enjoy the looking. Find a realtor that will only take you to view homes that are exactly what you want (the must-have features all align).

    Have you searched Zillow.com? You probably have, but at least on Zillow you can get a good idea of a property before you have to trudge out to physically check them out.

    In the interim, from the view out your window, I doubt you'll be sad that you are where you are whilst you look for the ultimate place.


  3. TPVT

    TPVT Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 14, 2012
    hey KYe. sorry to hear of the frustration. and, i don't really have any answers that you haven't considered. after two years, i could understand why you are tired of looking. it's exhausting. but, on the other hand, as you have mentioned, this may be the house you grow old in....so, it is good to find the right one. with that said, is it possible to find a short-term solution? i.e. a place that might be desirable that you get a good deal on. that you could potentially flip when your dream home comes along? two potential problems with that though
    1) i do not know what the market is like out there. i know around here, i bought my house about 5 years ago now, and i could probably break even at this point.
    2) it could add another degree of difficulty. i.e. what if your dream house becomes available, but you can't sell your temp solution in time, and it slips away?

    it's a dilemma for sure. i know some folks around here look to buy a duplex. then, they can rent out one half while living in the other. saves them on mortgage costs while they still try to find that "perfect" place.

    i'm sure this is all stuff you've thought about. but, you got me hooked in. and you know me...i like to talk.

    oh...and btw...nice pic! :)
  4. KYenglish


    Nov 26, 2010
    thanks for the thoughts mqqn, just to clear up the one we want is one we used to rent, and he ain't selling, no how no way, ever, don't blame he either, :D

    the house we are looking at is for sale, and doesn't have the land, but you now, towns cool to, we love this town, spend time there just to be there, you can just see people when you look out the window, and not trees :p

    Thanks TPVT, I like talking to you guys, not sure about everyone else though :p

    Haven't thought about a duplex or such a plan, mainly because of the second problem you mentioned, first time home buyers do get that added bonus of not having to sell before they buy etc, also not many like hat we could see ourselves in, or fit in, as I say one thing that makes i more important is that the baby girls furniture and stuff is currently sitting in a hallway we call her room, might be a long time before we could change that here, and we figure by Christmas she'l need a room

    My wife points out that it doesn't necessarily have to be one or the other, we could always hope to get a cabin or something later on, two homes sounds little fancy though I guess,

    We've been looking at homes for two years, (longer if you count liking driving around and seeing places on the weekends :p) but we've only really started to get in a position to buy the last 6 months or so, next year would be better, but that's always true, and the one we're looking at wont' be around for long.

    The area we live in is fairly cheap compared to most other places, and ow is still a good time to buy because of what you mentioned.

    Anyway, thought I'd ask, thanks for the responses
  5. JK Knives

    JK Knives Moderator Moderator Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Mar 6, 2001
    All I can add, is to take your time, the ideal home will come sooner or later. The good thing is that you don`t have to leave where you are at untill you are ready. Personally, I could never live where you are now. With a view like that I would never get any work done, be too busy staring out the window!
  6. KYenglish


    Nov 26, 2010
    :) thanks
  7. 1066vik

    1066vik Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 28, 2009
    we went through this a few years back.
    finally gave up on the house we kept hoping would come on the market (it sold a few times, but always stayed within the family) and started looking at raw land.
    one day before we "settled" for one that would be a lot of work, was farther from the main roads than we liked, etc.... SWMBO found a listing for bare land with a water meter already in place -- so we scampered and snagged it, then built a house while still staying in the rental.
    YMMV, but it's something to consider.
  8. KYenglish


    Nov 26, 2010
    Thanks 1066vik, we looked at a few tracks of lad for the same reason, found some we liked but ran into difficulty trying to figure out how to build a house, we still think about it but we also like the older houses, like I said at this point I think I'm talking myself out of things, trying to be practical about it "need house, this is a good house, we can afford house, buy house." kind thing, but so far we haven't done it.

    glad to know that worked out for someone though, ummmm
  9. 1066vik

    1066vik Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 28, 2009
    ICF & SIPs are my friend.
    (still did a LOT of work to get it livable, but it's definitely MY house now)
    OTOH, we also looked very hard at modular houses -- there are some very good makers out there these days and they even make 2 story houses (delivered on 4 trailers) with an on-site built attached garage that can sit on a slab, piers, or a basement.
  10. KYenglish


    Nov 26, 2010
    good to know, thanks!

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