Consider the CRKT Point Guard over the KFF

May 5, 2000
Just got my CRKT Point Guard (large, plain edge, and thanks Anthony Cheeseboro!). I don't normally care for liner locks, but I felt like I needed one in my collection. See, I've sold off all my other ones.

That includes a CRKT large Kasper Folding Fighter. That knife opens very smoothly, but I had some problems with it: it's very thick and heavy for pocket carry (I nicknamed it the Brick); the blade isn't really long enough for what that knife "wants to be," and the scales were very slippery.

The Point Guard solves all those problems. The scales (Zytel, like the KFF) have nicely machined grooves that make it very comfortable. The size and shape are very agreeable; think BM 730 length and BM 710 thickness.

It passed the spine whack test with and without the LAWKS engaged, and the factory edge is quite sharp. The only things keeping this knife from perfection (and to be fair, I'll consider the price range) are (1) the tip-down carry--but that's my opinion; (2) the bead blast; (3) the thumb disk (show me the Spydie hole!).

I like the knife enough that I'm looking for info on a "real" Crawford Point guard.
Oct 3, 1998
No, I like it better too. I find the KFF's design somewhat limiting. It's a good design for it's intended purpose, but that is not the only reason to have a knife.

The point guard probably isn't as secure in some grips and probably riskier in a thrust.

But the PG is more useful for my daily tasks, more sheeple friendly and so on.

So yes, I prefer the PG over the KFF.

That thumb disk really stinks though.

Apr 1, 2001
I can't comment on the KFF but I have a large PG and I love it. I actually like the disc visually and I can open it faster than my autos.It flicks nicely. I use a pinch grip for thrusting and the PG has great ergos for this method. I pinch so I can block a blade with the handle/liners without loosing fingers.

Nov 25, 1999
Count me too in your team

I'm also considering Point Guard as far easier for daily carry, more elegant, less scarring and more useful for daily cutting tasks. And only hardly noticeably worse if nasty while would come and you would defend your life using your knife.
Dec 30, 1999
I am for the KFF!

I have both – but like the KFF better.

Not only does it open more smoothly - IMHO, the blade shape and over all balance of it are far superior.

Mine was also "customized" by Jake Evans - and is now less slippery, slightly thinner, has a spyder-hole and a polished blade...

It has become my everyday carry without even noticing it..
Jan 11, 2001
I have both a small KFF and a small PG. Of the two I have to say that I like the PG better. The KFF is a neat design but is too heavy for my purposes. It also didn't open as smoothly as the PG. The clip on the KFF was also very loose and I couldn't get to stay put. The PG is a nice slim little knife that is very light and visually appealing. The thumb disk is also easy for me to find on the knife and is quick to open. I am currently and very slowly saving up for a real one. The only gripe that I had with the PG is the LAWKS. I really don't care for it. It may just take some time to get used to though.
See you all later,


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Dec 25, 1998
Just got some Point Guards in and I have to agree that they make for a better every day carry knife than the KFF.

The KFF seems to be more purpose driven than the Point Guard, which is more versatile and very comfortable.

Dennis Bible

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Mar 15, 2001
I have the small versions of both and would say that I like them equally well - but for different reasons. The PG is a lighter, more convenient EDC for me. However, I just can't get over the great feel/balance of the KFF. Also, the action on my KFF is a lot smoother than on the PG, which makes it more fun to open...and close...and open...and close
May 1, 2000
I also prefer the PG over the KFF for a few reasons:

Size- the large KFF is too big and the small KFF is too small - the large PG is the perfect size.

Weight- PG is much lighter.

Grip versatility- Try holding your KFF in the edge-up or edge-in grip...

Overall shape and design- I just like the PG better.

The only thing I don't like about the large PG (other than AUS 6) is the cut-outs/slots in the scales & clip. They just hurt my hand when I grip it tightly. I think it was a good idea that they drilled out the liners to reduce weight, but Zytel is light enough that they could have left the scales uncut w/o adding too much weight.

Just give me a large PG with no cutouts in G-10 scales, a good blade steel, tip-up clip, and maybe even a better lock and you've got. . . wait a minute, it's almost an Ares!

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Apr 5, 2001
For Me, The New CRKT Ryan model 7 stikes a nice balance between the PG grip issues and the large KFF's weight and blade design.

Deep bellied blade with the best gripping style in the sub $50 folder market. Nice!