DPx Forum Closed.


HPIC - Hatas gonna Hate
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Oct 2, 1998
While it was fun while it lasted, the DPx forum is now closed. I have to shake my head at this entire situation, but it really does seem like a case of no good deed going unpunished.

We did not solicit DPx gear coming on board, though we were more than happy to extend a hand and welcome them into our community. Robert Young Pelton (RYP) was afforded every opportunity to market his product(s) and reap the benefits of what BladeForums.com (BFC) offers.

Past that, BFC and RYP / DPx Gear had zero commercial intersection. We had nothing to do with his business, and he had nothing to do with ours. He was allowed free reign to interact with the BFC customer base, post screeds, tell tales, offer opinions, hawk merchandise and in general do whatever he felt like.

For whatever reason, he encountered problems. I cannot speak for the motivations of his customer base, both real or potential. It may have been missed delivery dates, expected or otherwise. It may have been problems with products in hand. It may have been RYP's attitude. It could have been any one of several dozen reasons. People will argue on the internet, over anything. How this is best handled is up for debate.

RYP saw this as our fault. He apparently holds me (& by extenstion, BladeForums.com) responsible for the problems he encountered, and from what I can tell I believe he thinks we're part of some sort of criminal conspiracy against him. I've received a fair number of contradictory & rambling emails to that effect from him; I'm honestly mystified by how someone could reach such a conclusion, but like the saying goes....no good deed goes unpunished.

I wish Pelton & his associates the best of luck elsewhere. He's going to need it.