I still Think The Field Lite Is A Major Winner

Kodiak PA

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Dec 3, 1998
The David Bloch designed OE Field Lite series is a major sleeper IMO---Much better than the CS Voyager series. I have had these knives for over 2 years and I am still impressed with the lock up, pocket clip, ease of sharpening and the ability to open and close these knives one handed. A while ago I did a mini review on them:
Field Lite

Even Steven Dick featured this knife in his book of folding knives. I am not sure why OE doesn't get the press they deserve. These are comfy, practical and a bargain. I love mine.
Feb 29, 2000
I agree, Outdoor Edge is an excellent knife for the money. The reason they don't sell well is in a word "advertising." OE doesn't spend any money on advertising. Look at CRKT, they have run upwards of 9 adds per month in Blade mag. Their advertising budget is huge. OE runs 1 every once in a while. That is the difference between a company run by an engineer and one run by a sales manager. The guys that run CRKT are marketing people. They know the value of advertising, and it shows. Good products that are poorly marketed wind up going no where.
Jul 22, 2001
Don't be to hard on Dave Block , mate. After the Impulse &
Magna sales fell apart I'm guessing Dave had to decide what
his market really was. Hunting knives / tools or the general

There is no doubt that all of the O.E. knives are first rate it's just
that without market support (US) there isn't the funds to buy
advaertizing. If knife buyer weren't so fickle Dave would have no
trouble selling his knives.