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May 6, 2014
If you know what knife you want, please post a 'want to buy' message
over here
and choose the "Watch Thread" option so if anyone posts a knife for sale, you get an alert. If you see what you like, you have to be quick to respond, as usually the knives don't stay unsold for long.
No chit chat in this thread please.
Knives also do popup from time to time, over in this sub-forum: https://www.bladeforums.com/forums/for-sale-fixed-blades-individual.891/

If you don't know what you want, or for more information about the CPK brand, go to https://carothersknives.com/ or go through this excellent compilation:

When is the next sale?
Check this thread regularly or choose the "Watch Thread" option
The sales take different forms but it is usually a Friday Sale at 1500 EST- a run of 10 knives. If it is a new release, please don't order more than one, so slower mortals like myself can get in on the action. If it is a slow sale, then by all means indulge yourself(never happens unless it is the umpteenth Friday sale of the same knife model). Get used to seeing all 10 knives disappear in a second if it is a new release.
But do not fret, Nathan usually has multiple sales or a pre-order of a new model till the market is saturated (at least in the short term).
If work, butter fingers, or a crap internet connection is an issue, ask for a proxy here
Proxy rules clearly stated in first post.

What model is in development right now? and other general queries
Can sometimes be confusing to figure out, but the best place to get an answer fast is here
Above forum is frequented by the regulars who are very helpful, but if you have a question specific to Nathan or Jo, then post
here https://bladeforums.com/threads/the-ask-nathan-a-question-thread.1425245/ or
here https://bladeforums.com/threads/the-ask-jo-ninjo-thread.1557977/

Please keep your comments and your disagreements respectful. Discussions on politics and religion are strongly discouraged.

Consider a gold membership(a must if you want to sell ). You support bladeforums and it is easy for people to Private Message(PM) you.

Hope you are here to stay and have fun!
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