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Links to jackknife's tales - With thanks to stockman242

Discussion in 'Traditional Folders and Fixed Blades' started by Bastid, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Bastid

    Bastid Goat herding fool and resident vermin breeder. Staff Member Super Mod

    Feb 27, 2001
    We are very fortunate to have jackknife's postings in our midst.

    Due to popular demand here is a list of his stories. Blues and I will try to keep it up to date.

    For now thanks to the efforts of Peter (aka stockman242) here is the list:

    Lazy afternoon fishing and yellow handles.

    Don't fight with your knife!
    A day in the life of a peanut.
    The knives I kept.
    Georga gentlemen's pen knives. - This one slipped through. :D Thanks to Cam for the heads up!

    Did the "boy" doom the scout knife?
    We're gonna improvise, kid.
    The old man's barlow
    Old friends on Christmas day.
    Father Donovan's Swayback
    The Last Visit, A Halloween Story

    The Butterfly.
    Hard use teeth.
    Don's hide out classic. (In multitool forum, but the story is classic Carl.
    Twilight, and stages.
    Desert Douk-Douk.
    Tighe and the old knife

    The coffee cup honer. In General Discussion, but worth wading in there to read. ;)
    Traditional knives and public perception
    The cult of the peanut
    Uncle Paul's Corn on the cob
    It's a knife, bonehead!
    The country doctor

    "I just needed to cut something"
    An old muskrat
    Survive the moment
    The prepared and the un-prepared
    Ev's lost knife

    It's just stuff
    Uncle Paul's picnic forks
    Clothing and traditional knives
    Funny thing about old knives
    The road to small
    Cog in the machine penknife

    The breakfast club
    A deal with Reverend Harding
    Paul's TL-29.
    The old swayback

    The Trapper That Wasn't There: A Halloween Story

    Yellar handles
    Mr. Van's close shave
    Just like dad's.
    The Frenchie Knife
    The Shelton Case and a Peanut.
    Darrel and the Mighty Mite.

    Jake Wilson, a whittler, and the hole in the hose.

    A high flying stockman

    Enemys of the state
    Jake Wilson and the whittler

    The common pocket knife in uncommon times.

    How I learned to like the peanut.

    Inconspicuous knife for inconspicuous life
    Things change
    Hank Parker's old peanut.
    The comfort of a few old friends.
    The old soldier's knife

    Mr Van's Extra Special Knife
    Uncle Paul's two bladers
    Sad Story
    A philosophy.
    Andy Balconos
    Knives as gifts

    Traditional turkey carver. What's in your hand?

    The Hardware Store Knife
    The Lost Stockman.
    The mad hermit of Lacompte Marsh.
    The mad hermit of Lacompte Marsh, pt 2.
    Reverend Harding's pearl penknife.
    Tales of the peanut.

    There was this penknife...
    The boy scouts vs the high school kids.
    Rainy day and whitling a ball in the cage.
    Giving something back.
    Old stag at a biker bar.
    Feed and seed advertising knives.

    Peanut tales.
    Traditional first knife.
    The hide hunters.
    Age and EDC ramblings.
    Uncle Paul and Knife Knut Genes.
    Lizzy Rankins Hammer Brand.

    Pocket Knife Rescue.
    Friendly blackmail and free lunch.
    The hunter is always a hunter.
    Little boys, sticks, and knives.
    Classic Combo.
    A pocket knife and a lions claw.
    A very old peanut.
    The deer slayer.

    A Valentine barlow.
    Just a little Christy knife.
    A friend from the other side of the earth.
    Getting out of the weather.
    The lost barlow.
    A Heartfelt Thanks.
    The peanut car rescue.
    Old Scout Knife Memories.

    Hard cider, teenagers, and hangovers.
    Night Crossing.
    The cowhand.
    Wayne's companion.
    Pocket knives for X-country Motorcycle trip.
    Stray thoughts on old pen knives.
    The knife confiscating witch.
    Mr. Van's and Dad's shootout.

    Pt boat and a Camillus stockman.
    The skills of our fathers.
    Swiming holes and slingshots.
    The life of a sailors knife.
    The broken chain.
    To Build A Ladder.

    Sargent Draper.
    A mild answear turneth the wrath.
    The Phantom Ferryman.
    Pocket knives in the army.
    Climbing the Peak.
    Battle Of The Chicken Coop.
    Camp crafts and hobo stew.

    The Liars Circle.
    The merit badge.
    Slippys, cane poles, and a fish dinner.
    The leather handle.
    A barlow, and the cheapest man on the Choptank.
    The ever shrinking pocket knife.
    Mr. Van's pocket knives.
    The Scout Knife.
    On pocket knives and minimalisim.

    Cleaning the old ones.
    Trapper Bill and sodbusters.
    The stockmen I've known.
    "Always carry a pocket knife"
    A scoutknife, and Mr. Van.
    Slippies in emergencys.
    The Barlow.
    Pay it forward.
    A TL-29, A strange history.

    Uncle Pat's Imperial.
    Gained another son, maybe.
    A scout knife, and a hot dog lunch.
    I've become my father.
    Andy Warden.
    Memories of working knives.
    Of marshes, muskrats, and sinking punts.
    Under The Magnolia Tree.
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  2. Bastid

    Bastid Goat herding fool and resident vermin breeder. Staff Member Super Mod

    Feb 27, 2001
    We finally filled up the first post. Software will not let me add any more text.

    December 2006
    Ghost of Christmas past- Thanks to kamagong for bringing this to our attention.

    July 2006
    Fond scout memories? Thanks to Raymond1000 for bringing this one to our attention

    August 2006
    Indian stick fighting? Thanks to Raymond1000 for bringing this one to our attention

    January 2007
    Slippies in emergencies? Thanks to Raymond1000 for bringing this one to our attention

    January 2010
    Opinel Vengeance - Thanks to curdog for bringing this one to our attention.

    May 2011
    Mr. Van and the broomstick - Thanks to Raymond1000 for bringing this one to our attention

    June 2011
    Don't over burden yourself.
    An old scout knife and the girl.
    The old man and the Kaiser roll.
    My God! I think I'm there!

    July 2011
    Another good breakfast club.
    A new companion.
    What a long strange trip...

    August 2011
    Care and feeding of peanuts.

    Oct 2011
    Pocket knife from "before time."
    The question of loyalty.

    Nov 2011
    The peanut and the VW, an understanding.
    Chap Stick!
    The Opinel turkey butcher.

    Dec 2011
    Sea Change.

    Jan 2012
    A bullet, barlow, and a begining.
    How time flies!
    The Prophecy.
    The Stockman

    Feb 2012
    The lesson of the cut.

    Mar 2012
    What made you pick a pattern?

    April 2012
    Granddads old knife.
    It's 1912...
    Afternoon on a lake.
    The Captain's knife.
    The bushwacker ham slicer.

    May 2012
    The leaving.
    My second favorite knife.

    June 2012

    July 2012
    Gift from a stranger.

    August 2012
    The cigar seller and the lobster pen.
    The old mans tools
    The adventures of Walter.

    September 2012
    The suit.
    The pen knife. A rose by any other name.

    November 2012
    Things that work.

    December 2012

    January 2013
    The cheap keychain knife.
    A fathers loan.

    February 2013
    Means to an end
    The Reverend Harding's pen knife surgery

    March 2013
    The fish tail knife.
    Pattadese for two and a half days.

    April 2013
    Alvin Bransons fish tail knife

    June 2013
    Maximum Minimalism

    August 2013
    Moonstruck stockman

    September 2013
    Made in Japan

    November 2013 (with thanks to fx17 for the heads up)
    There and back again, a peanut's tail.

    December 2013
    To Make A Fire

    March 2014
    Rite of initiation
    The Sardinian connection
    Anti depressant
    Inner sanctum

    April 2014

    May 2014
    The old man and the friction folder

    July 2014
    The magnolia tree and deja vu.

    August 2014
    The escape of Sam McGee.

    September 2014
    The swap

    January 2015
    Snow bound scout knife

    February 2015
    The peddler

    April 2015
    The Island

    August 2015
    The little girl's knife
    Putting old ghosts to rest

    September 2015
    Trapper Bill's Lost Trapper

    November 2015
    The Young mans penknife.
    New Horizons

    January 2016
    A Little Nut in Texas
    The valued pocket knife

    June 2016
    A gift from a friend

    July 2016
    Submariners TL-29

    December 2016
    It's too big
    An old man's thin blade Ch 1
    The old man's thin bladed knife Ch 2

    February 2017
    Mr. Van's war story

    March 2017
    My second favorite pocket knife
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  3. Peregrin

    Peregrin Traditional Forum Moderator Moderator

    Sep 2, 2004
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