Read This "BEFORE" Posting On The Busse Combat Forum. . . . . .

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Jerry Busse

Aug 20, 1999
We have grown tired of the petty nonsense that is beginning to litter the Busse Combat forum.

It now ends.

This is our party and if you aren't here to have a good time. . . then leave. . . . If your idea of a good time is to pick fights or to antagonize us or our other friends. . . then leave.

We like everyone who comes to this place. . . We also realize that not everyone who comes here is going to like each other. . . . This forum is full of alpha males and there is bound to be some conflict. . . we really don't care. . . If you can't restrain yourself, you will be asked to leave.

To eliminate the conflict on this forum, there will be no more "needling" or taking jabs at others who frequent this place. That means that some of you may get emails from us asking you to dump some of the antagonistic lines from your signatures or posts. . . If that irritates you and you don't want to play by our rules . . . Leave!

There is no longer any room here for the antagonistic, eighth grade level nonsense.

We would never come to your place and start a fight with someone who was a guest in your house out of respect for you. . . . This is our house and we expect all of you to act accordingly.

If you don't like the way someone handles themselves on this forum, (not other forums, just this one) then either confront them privately or feel free to drop us a note. If we think it warrants action, then action will be taken.

We expect you guys to show us enough respect that we don't have to baby sit this place.

If you can not follow these simple rules, you will be asked to leave.

Now let's get back to the important stuff in life, like knives and drinking!!!! :thumbup:

Not open for further replies.