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Feb 27, 2005
Hello. I’m new to new to Bladeforums-at least recently. As fate would have it, I was trying to find the origin & manufacturer of this knife because I have one and wanted to see how much it was worth. I bought it new so long ago that I don’t even remember, I must have close to 500 knives, some custom, one of a kind knives, some edc’s, and many in between. I’ve recently decided that it’s time to sell them off and let someone else enjoy them. With a few exceptions, I never entertained the thought of selling them. I don’t have the boxes they came in because they took up too much room, although I’ve always kept my autos in the open position to keep them from getting spring weary.
Back to the point- I’ve always really liked this knife, so I find it surprising that I never carried or even used this knife. I’ve handled it plenty, but it’s never been outside of the house. Mine has a black blade with “Arab army” inscribed in it (thanks Google translate. I don’t know if you’re interested in it or even what a fair price would be for it. I’d appreciate it if you hit me back either way.
Fishing for sales is against forum rules, as is asking about values of owned knives without a Gold membership. You can ask if you need help identifying knives, but our ability to help you in that regard is limited without pictures.