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What is with A.G. Russel?

Discussion in 'FEEDBACK: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!' started by akadave2, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. akadave2

    akadave2 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 21, 2008
    Do these people not check other prices on the net? They are a good 20% higher or more on most of their knives than any other place. How do they stay in business?
  2. tvranesic


    Apr 19, 2006
    Some folks don't mind paying a bit more to deal with a reputable dealer and do business with a quality inividual. If you've ever had a problem with anything you bought from A.G. Russell, you'd quickly understand why many do business with A.G.
  3. Dagon


    Nov 12, 2007
    There are a few items on the AGR website that are exclusive to that shop. That can be interesting.
    Otherwise, there are a good number of low-priced dealers on ebay that have near-perfect rating on many transactions. Meaning, in ebay terms they are reputable.
  4. Doug C

    Doug C

    Mar 15, 2005
    +1 ! :thumbup:

  5. akadave2

    akadave2 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 21, 2008
    I have bought knives from at least 4 dealers recently online and more than that in the past. I actually have bought knives from A.G. a few years back. In every case it was fast and easy, so no advantage to A.G. I understand about supporting reputable dealers as well as local. I buy locally if possible even though they are usually more. I find it somewhat alarming that A.G. is actually higher than my local retailer in Alaska no less on the knives they both carry.

    As for exclusives, then yes they have the advantage.
  6. nondescript


    Oct 3, 2005
    I have made purchases from A.G. Russell online several times.
    I have spent a little more on some knives by purchasing there but I certainly didn't mind because I was also buying other knives that aren't available anywhere else as far as I know. For example, the very thin little knives with titanium handles and vg-10 blades are just amazingly well thought out and very well made.
    I don't have the income to collect any of the high-end knives that are stocked by him, but I do like to treat myself to different knives for everyday use and there is no shortage of quality affordable knives there. I don't think that I have ever seen a knife in any of his catalogs or on his website that I would think of as junk, maybe not appealing to my personal taste but not junk. :)
    I am glad to see a well-known name in the knife world that isn't trying to win the race to the bottom. :thumbup:
  7. ohen cepel

    ohen cepel Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 19, 2002
    AG is always the first place I look for an item, if they have it I buy it from them.

    This is for several reasons;
    1. They are a huge supporter of the military and I appreciate that!
    2. They offer a nice discount to the military
    3. I have always received excellent service from them!
    4. Saving a bit of cash for me has often turned into a total pain-fest in the past and honestly, it's just not worth it to me to get taken or jerked around these days.
    5. I don't want to spend hours searching the web for the lowest price to find out that they don't have it in stock once I want to order, or shipping is going to be $20.

    So, in the end, I'll take the trusted company. Not that there aren't other great companies out there, but I haven't had a reason to deal with them.
  8. SIFU1A


    May 12, 2001
    i dont think anyone is any more reliable, has a better better warranty, or has a much better selection or prices than new graham, oh they dont have a few items but they have a heckuva lotta stuff, and are good people too, i have spent a lotta $$ with 'em and never a problem, not any at all.

    i always go there 1st.

    AG is good too but imho they are a little high on some things.

    i am all for supporting the military but i wont pay a big premium for that, my tax dollar goes to support them already, but thats a good thing too i suppose but not a deal breaker to me.
  9. watchcollector1968


    Jun 1, 2008
    There are plenty of dealers you can buy from. 6 months down the road if you have a problem with a knife and want it taken without hassle, you will be glad you chose AG Russell. There is more to a great experience than just a rock bottom price.

    Bought a knife from his shop...about a year later the handle cracked. Their response was, "well thats not good...would you like a refund or would you like to exchange it?" No hassles, no problems...try that with an ebay dealer.
  10. Neo


    Sep 12, 2002
  11. jill jackson

    jill jackson Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 5, 2006
    I think A.G. supports the soldiers by furnishing needed knives at low prices. Not the government, we all support them whether we like it or not!
  12. ohen cepel

    ohen cepel Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 19, 2002
    Funny, just today I was commenting on the ignorant people who quote the defense budget without ever reading the appropriations bill or what is in it.

    I would encourage people to actually READ what gets piled onto/blamed on the DoD.

    ie; billions for breast cancer research, prostrate cancer research, hurricane Katrina relief (even in 2008 we're still paying for that!), fighting forest fires, an Asian studies center, and billions of other PORK that we get blamed for; these are all great programs but should NOT be in the DoD budget!

    The politician pile all they can on the bill since they know it won't get killed and they will get their pork.

    Please take the time to read the entire budget, I think it would do most people good.
  13. roughedges


    Oct 3, 2004
    A.G. Russell's prices are higher on many production knives than much of the competition. However, along with this the customer gets 12 knife catalogs a year plus a warranty that the competition, no matter how customer oriented they are, are not at all likely to match. Try returning a knife 6months or two years, or even 5, after purchase at any other internet retailer and see how that works out for you.

    Also, many of Russell's products are very reasonably priced. For instance, I just got an Eagle's Beak from them and I have to say that the ad copy was spot on. In this instance, I would have considered this knife a good deal even if it had cost twice what it did.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2008
  14. elkins45


    Jun 17, 2006
    A.G. is the only place to go for A.G. Russell exclusives, and a lot of those are very good deals. Those little titanium pen knives or the Italian made titanium tactical or the one-hand knife are very reasonably priced, especially when you consider that you can't get them anywhere else.

    I'll have to agree that A.G. isn't the first place I'll go for a common factory piece, but that's really not his niche in the knife world anyway.
  15. Lycosa


    Aug 24, 2007
    A.G. Knows what he's doing. He will no doubt chime in here.
  16. okbohn


    May 26, 2006
    As said above, there are many other factors in choosing a knife dealer than prices.

    AG has built a fine site with a stellar reputation. He is successful because he is good at what he does. It is worth paying for that kind of service and quality.
  17. rprocter

    rprocter Banned BANNED

    Jan 19, 2007
    i have shopped online with AGR and many other popular e-knife stores.
    to me the difference is: AG is a knife "elder", and having the person really appreciate the knife is important to him. hence, anything you buy there is of good quality, and if you are not satisfied, they want to have it back.
    the others are honest and accept returns too, but are primarily business focused.
    most times i go with the "knife knut" because i know i won't be disappointed.
  18. flipe8


    Oct 24, 2005
    I've had pretty good luck dealing with A.G. Russel in the past, eventhough their prices are a bit high. I felt a bit let down when I asked if they'd extend their Front Line discount to Canadians( and other nations involved in the War, for that matter) and I was told "No". Since then, I've given my business to other less pricey merchants.
    I like some of their exclusives, though.
  19. Blue Sky

    Blue Sky Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 16, 2002
    There are many reputable knife dealers and A.G. Russell is certainly one of them. I have bought from him in the past and will probably do so again.

    A 20% premium though (that number is pretty accurate from what I've seen) on standard production items is still a little steep and enough to keep me away, my knife budget just won't allow it. $100 at New Graham or $120 at Russell's? New graham wins. If he has an exclusive, then that's a different story. I know there will be a premium involved, but if he's the only game in town and I want it bad enough then...
  20. TorzJohnson


    Aug 4, 2001
    A.G. Russell is not the average knife dealer. People have already spoken about the service, which I can vouch for from personal experience. They have also spoken about A.G. Russell exclusives, which are nice. But the thing I have used A.G. Russell in the past for, was getting Dozier knives.

    If you want a Dozier fixed blade, you will have to wait for it. I think the waiting list is something like 8 months now... unless you buy one from A.G. Russell. He has several models in stock. One time I ordered a straight personal, which was just sold out - but they still got me one within a week or so.

    Want a Randall knife? A.G. has a bunch of models in stock straight from the Randall shop and when you order one you will get that knife now. If it's out of stock, the most you will only have to wait is 5 or 6 months. When I was thinking about a Randall a few years ago, their catalog said the waiting list was 5 years.

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