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0801 Go or No

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Mar 4, 2012
So I need help from you fellow ZT fans out there. I am really digging the 0801 and want to pull the trigger. BUT I have been trying to hold off for the 0770. It is a one or the other situation. But I think I might have to give in to temptation on the 801. Darn you ZT for you knife awesomeness. Which would you guys get if you had to pick. (PS i know the 0770 hasn't been released yet)
I'm passin' on the 0801 and hope to get the CF version of the 0770 :)

Edited to add: gonna pick one up and see how I like it :)
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Buy it and if you dislike it and don't use it, send it back, or sell it here on the exchange.
Yeah, the problem is I will like it then I will probably have to buy the 0770 and them my wife will be mad. I think its a disease.
A resounding yes.

Screwed if you do, screwed if you don't!

That is a very good point. I am sure there is something I will do that will get me in trouble anyway right?
sticktodrum Nice overview video man. It just made me want to get one even more
They're both production knives, so I would get the 0801 now and save up for the 0770CF later down the road.
Let me begin by saying that the ZT 0801 is not only my favorite ZT folder but one of the best flippers I have.

Not having both for a while, it's tough to make a comparison between the 0801 and the 0770CF and also the 0770 Aluminium (with the nice 3D scales - let's call it 0770AL).

There's definitely a size and weight difference if it matters to you.

[B][U]Model  Overall Closed Blade Weight Opening[/U][/B]
0801     8.2"   4.7"  3.5"  5.8 oz Flipper
0770CF   7.5"   4.3"  3.25" 3.0 oz Assisted
0770AL   7.5"   4.3"  3.25" 4.0 oz Assisted

Hard data does not tell the full story...
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And the 0801 is manual apposed to Assisted

Some object to the SpeedSafe® Assisted Opening (AO) which is in the 0770 as opposed the "manual" flipper in the 0801. AO is useful for those who cannot or do not want to flip. It does allow assured deployment every time. ZT is prudent in picking AO as they did with the 0350 since it opens up the market to a wider audience. AO does have the potential that the spring may break but I think that's been overplayed.

Think about it this way - manual action is like a manual transmission car, Speedsafe is like an automatic transmission car. You want to put a numer to how many people drive an automatic versus how many people drive a manual? I bet you'd find that the vast majority of the general public (like my wife) prefer an automatic transmission, while the car enthusiasts (like me) prefer a manual.

By nature, the enthusiasts are some of the loudest voices, but they are not the majority. The majority doesn't speak up very loud, but they do vote with their wallets. As a company we want to please both markets. You'll note that even though we make a lot of entry level Speedsafe knives, we also make 0777's, 0888's, 0600's, 0801's, 0560's, 0550's, and knives liked the Tilt, Volt, and Speedform. Every single one of those knives is a manual action. And wouldn't you know it, but every time we hear a few people say "it must be broken, I can't open it all the way". You can almost smell the clutch burning when they pull up with their new Ferrari. And that's ok - we're always happy to teach people to open a knife properly. But with Speedsafe they can do it every time, no instruction necessary.

At this point, we're trying out the compromise - offering some Speedsafe knives with a drilled detent hole. We'll see if it works. We generally try to do what makes sense for a particular pattern, and for the intended end user. Just keep in mind that Speedsafe continues to be very popular on a large scale. We are sincerely doing our best to offer a diverse product range and cater to both kinds of users - entry level and enthusiasts.
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The 0801 has become my fav ZT ever......has kicked 0560 and 0550 out my pocket, u need to get one!
But keep in mind that the 0770 might come with a detent hole, allowing for assisted or manual opening.
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