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$10 Lansky Style Sharpener

Nov 2, 1999
I just picked up two sharpening system from 1SKS. They are the Lansky style sharpeners (#KS-1000S - $12.99 and the #KS-1000 - $9.99). I've only used an actual Lansky once, but from what I remember this thing is functions in the exact same way, it's just slightly cosmetically different.

The #KS-1000 came with three stone - 80 grit Course (yes, it said "Course" not coarse), 120 grit Medium, and 240 grit Fine. Not know if this cheap contraption would destroy my knives, I took out my old Gerber EZ-Out (ATS-34) since I haven't been able to cut anything with it for a long time. After about an hour of working on it, my EZ-Out could shave paper, but not arm hairs. I think this is due to the fact that the stones only go up to 240 grit.

Compared to the Lansky (an I'm only going from memory) it functioned exactly the same, the only MAJOR difference is that the stones don't seem to be very high quality...but hey, for $10 who am I to complain. Probably the next time I'm in a cutlery store, I will look at picking up some finer grit stones to go along with this kit. I think that for anyone who is looking for a simple, cheap, fairly effective sharpening system, this may be a cheaper alternative than a Sharpmaker (which I also have) or a real Lansky.

Also note that I did not try the #KS-1000S. It looks about the same but has an additional stone...a triangle shaped one for serrations. Both sharpeners are Lansky clones, made by DIFFERENT companies. I'm sure Mike can give more details.

Overall I'm very pleased with the performance of the #KS-1000. Thanks Mike and Lori!!!