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10" Tejas Bowie

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Sep 13, 2001
This is a Tejas model bowie in forged 1075. The guard and finial are heat colored mild steel with variations int he color ranging from bronze gold to violet to dark and light blue. The handle is pomele grain bubinga with teak oil finish.

The knife is light and quick for a 10" bowie.

Also, after receiving some finishing tips from Warren Osborne last week, this bowie has as good a finish as I have ever done. It is hand rubbed to 800 grit, and the lines are more crisp than I have achieved thus far. After 11 years of knifemaking, I am amazed such little changes in technique make such a difference.

It comes with a sheath and shipped conUS for $975.
Damn. Too bad I'm all out of kidneys! :)

Bailey, you done good. Real good.
What - another gorgeous bowie? When are you going to make an ugly one, just to show us you can? :p

Another stunner!! Man, I just love the blade shape on this model. Perhaps my all time favorite for a big knife. SWEET!!!
OK, As much as I HATE to do this, I will knock $100 off the price of the bowie.

Babies need christmas.... :D
(big sigh)...a Bailey Bowie is on my "i want to have" list...too bad the holiday season is just around the corner. i must resist and think of the kiddies as well. i spoil myself too much already.
Damn, that is nice. I swear that actually inspires me to do a non-damascus blade. Unbelievably clean. Super job!