100% German Made Boker Slip Joint Question

Oct 25, 2009
Where does 100% German made Boker slip joints ranks in quality with Case, GEC, Buck ect.

How good is there 1095 heat treated?


From my limited experience, I would say slightly better than Case and slightly below GEC for fit & finish. Solingen cutleries usually used C75 for their carbon bladed knives, so more like 1080 than 1095, but the heat treat is very good. I don't notice any difference.
I’d say way better than Case on F&F actually the pivots most always are tight with no play good walk and talk on everyone I’ve had. Only have had one with a backspring gap out of the 6 I’ve bought. Their heat treat idk it’s probably around 56hrc it strops to sharp and holds a pretty good edge
Where does 100% German made Boker slip joints ranks in quality with Case, GEC, Buck ect.

How good is there 1095 heat treated?


If you get one made in the last 20 years or so, the shield will be glued instead of pinned despite the fact that you might see a "pin hole" inside the liner opposite the shield.

I have a couple that I would have sworn the shields were pinned but then I found out that the hole I'm seeing is only used to center the tool that cuts out the hole for the shield.

Not necessarily a bad thing. Just thought you might like to know.
I’d say Boker is closer to Case than GEC. Still great stuff though. And I like how they’re putting out some special edition knives with an upgraded stainless steel. My 440C Sportmesser is a really nice knife. Boker did an excellent job on it, for such an absurdly complicated pattern to produce.

One of my favorite pocketknives is a Boker 240 penknife. The carbon steel blades hold a very good edge and the fit and finish is better than case. The rosewood scales fit tight within gaps and the walk and talk is great. I think you'll be very pleased with a Boker made in Germany.

From what I've seen of late, I think Boker is aware of the increase in interest in the traditional pocket knives, and they seem to have put a bit of effort in the upgraded models and the made in Germany line in general. They're very nice knives.
The steel used in my two Boker Tree Brand made wholly in Germany (Soligen) Trappers is specified as 1095. Both knives are well made with smooth actions, great walk and talk, no apparent gaps, and with very smooth transitions between the bolsters and covers. I have no idea what the heat treat spec is but they both sharpen with ease and hold a very good edge.


As to a comparison between wholly made in Germany Bokers, Case, and GEC knives, I'm out of that game as any comparison by anyone is soley subjective. I will say though that Case, GEC, and Buck Trappers can't do anything that the wholly made in Germany Boker Tree Brand Trappers can do.
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Böker is definitely a step above Case, but not as good as GEC. Every Böker that I have (ranging from mid-'80s to last year's production) has had good fit and finish and very smooth action. Pulls usually run in the 5-7 range (most around 5, but the two small barlows that I have purchased within the last year have had a little stiffer pull).
Bokers vary in quality, I'd say Case is more consistent. I like Case's patterns & designs better than Boker. Boker doesn't make a knife as good as the Case-Bose collaborations.