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100 Legendary Knives


May 12, 2004
Well, I hope you all picked up your copy of "100 Legendary Knives" at Barnes & Nobel for $7 (special).

Not a bad book, not comprehensive of course but many, many custom makers each get a page, such as: Bill Scagel, Bo Randall, Bill Moran, Bob Loveless, Frank Centofante, Warren Osborne, Jess Horn, Bob Terzuola.
The major brands are also represented with Buck, Puma, and Spyderco getting a double page. And finally a pretty decent overview over different types of knives.

Very nice overview. I bought my copy to show to NKP, because it does a decent job of presenting knives as well estabilished and regarded tools rather than weapons....The pictures of the customs help as well ;).

Edit: I should have mentioned to ignore the sometimes somewhat embarressing text ;).
Thank you very much for info. I just placed an order for 3 books. On line it is just $5 and will make a good gift for couple friends.
I just ordered that too. Thanks for the heads-up. I also ordered 2004 Sporting Knives - for $2 it doesn't have to be much of a book.

My book arrived today, 100 Legendary Knives. Lots of great pictures, $5 worth for sure. The brief biographies and stories about the top custom makers, both current and past, is the book's high point. Most of the "Traditional Knives" section is about European knife styles, which was good reading since I'm not as familiar with those.

The second book, the $2 Sporting Knives 2006 is on backorder and/or out of stock.

Thanks for the great tip!

My books arrived a week ago. Two of my friends and me are very happy about it. Nice books, great pictures and some educational material as well.
HoB, thank you very much.
Hey did you see that Hemingway pocket knife in there? What was the company that produced/produces them?