1000 Post Give Away

Jun 10, 2012
Ok guys its that time. This is post # 1000 and time for me to do my duty and share a knife with some lucky person. I'm giving away a NIB Kershaw ( of course) 1750 LAHAR . Great Knife sad to give it away but Its worth it to hang with you guys and learn about my knife addiction here. Best of luck to everyone ill pick from your post # and let it run for a week. No strings your post is your entry. Ends July 30 at 9:00 pm pacific. Thanks again and good luck. Jay

Edit: Oh yeah lets keep it to max of 3 entries you guys will be on the honor system Im not going too check but someone else will im sure lol
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great give away i've been eying the lahar but on a tight budget atm!! i may get lucky count me in! and thx!!!
The Lahar has always interested me! This is my first entry! thanks for the chance man.
Not an entry but very generous of you.

Good luck to all participants!
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I'm in! :) thanks for the giveaway, sad to say my collection is down to about 3 knives, two of which are kershaws. (Gonna have to change my username one day, I've had more KAI than any other brand)