1000 Thanxx, 1000 times... 1000 positive thoughts & wishes for YOU ALL!!!


Jan 18, 2006
Oh, MAN!!! Here I am! "1000", wow!! :D ...With it being the eve of what I hope to be my best year EVER, & YOURS TOO, I just feel like giving Thaxx and offering appreciation to some of the 'knifest' guys I've come across in a while. :) Thank you ALL, and especially to those who've shown me/taught me/sold me killer INFI these last few months, and to those who shown a lowly pork rind some friendship. A big Thanxx also to 'Skunk, Mrs. Skunk, AMY-0, Blue Label, and the GANG!!!!:D :thumbup: :thumbup:

OK, Let's get this party started!!! I like trivia, so here's an easy one, I'll start off small... :D

OPEN TO ALL, SHIPPING ON ME... A small desert camo lanyard is the prize...

Who is credited for naming the Flag of the United States of America, "Old Glory"?
First with the name CORRECTLY spelled, gets it!

Ok, a couple of ground rules...

I may specify WHO may be eligible for EACH different

prize contest... Basic Members and Users, or GOLD's and

UP. There's gonna be a few of each all night, so relax


GET IN TOUCH WITH ME via EMAIL!!! I've been drinking, and

may lose track of who won. HELP me, cool?? SHIPPING on

the bigger items is on YOU this time, COOL??? I'll

specify for each so y'all know ahead of time, because

I'll cover a few. I'M NOT AFRAID to mail international,

BUT the shipping is on YOU, I won't be held liable for

lost or misdirected prizes, and I won't LIE on a customs

form, COOL?

This should be fun, so let's keep it light. I'm keeping

this on the Busse forum, but of course, all who fit the

specifics of a certain prize contest can enter. ABOVE ALL

ELSE: READ THE DIRECTIONS!!! I won't be as patient as

last time, LOL I'M DRINKING, and whatnot... Cool????

Ok.... Any time now!!!!

WOOOHOOOO!!!! 1000 and counting!!
Stonewall Jackson!

Alfred E Newman!!

Bill Clinton!!!! (no wait... that is what is was doing IT for...)