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1001 Knife Knut tales


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Jun 29, 1999
Just for a change of pace...

Imagine the following:

All 10,000 of us have managed to hike out into the woods and set up camp. Now as the sun finally drops to the horizon, and the first stars begin to show themselves, we gather around an impossibly small campfire and listen as nocturnal wildlife begins to challenge the crackle of our fire. Soon enough the subject turns to knives, and as the evening grows darker and our coals glow brighter, the tales grow taller and more colorful....

So who wants to be the next to share the wildest knife story they have ever heard?
I guess this topic is OK for the general forum. We tried this sort of thing about a year ago in the community forum thread Gerbil's Saga

If you have not read this epic adventure co-written by forum denizens, you should. It has Everything you can imagine, and some stuff you might not.

Lets make This thread about Strange but True knife stories, and it can stay here in BDU.

Paracelsus, storyteller

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Well, if it has to be true, I suppose I can tell the tail of how the Schrade Clipit saved my leg from some nasty stitches!

I had just gotten the clipit a day or two before, and so it rode high up in my right pocket clipped to a belt loop. I was playing around in my back yard with a big heavy Cold Steel Warhead throwing knife (OK, to throw, but too brittle and it broke only days later). I had thrown it quite a few times and was getting lazy and careless.

I lowered my right arm at one point with my hand still gripping the Warhead's handle and struck my right leg! Yes sir! Heard the pants rip and thought I must have put a nice deep gash in my leg, but strangly enough I felt no immediate pain! So I put my hand gingerly into what was left of my pocket and lo and behold, I drew out that Schrade Clipit, now with a nice gash in the plastic handle right where the Warhead had struck it! The Clipit had taken the blow and saved my leg!

I don't carry that Clipit much any more, but I remember how it saved me every time I pour through my basket of older and less expensive folders!