1075 Tool Steel?

Jan 19, 1999
I'm looking at an Anaconda 7 kife from Hood Woods (www.survival.com) It is made from 1075 differentially heat treated steel. My question is: Is this good tough steel. what does it compare to? For $217.00 I don't want to make a mistake. I don't seem to recal seeing this steel used very often.



Chris Canis

I would suspect that it is a typo and they mean 1095, the only other 10-- group steel I usually see in use for cutlery is 1084.

I read Fred Perin's review of a Douk Douk knife and he said that was 1075 steel
I bet it was not a mistake 1075 is used a lot
It is used in swords and big knives a lot. Or something that you what a little tougher.
The last two dig. are amount of carbon in it
1095 has .95% carbon
1075 has .75% carbon

-Greg Johnson

So 1075 has less carbon than 1095 but would maybe be more impact resistant than higher carbon steel?

I'm going to suppose that this steel was selected or this knife for it's toughness and they differentially heat treated it to bring it's edge holding abilities up to par.

Tell me if this sounds wrong...

Generally, Tactical OPS uses 1095 for all their knives but, that knife is in fact 1075. Toughness is the issue here if I remember correctly. I spoke with them briefly about it when I was working on my order. I will also note that their bigger knives are sometimes seen listed at 5160 but, are currently made out of 1095 as well.

Thanks Sid! I believe I'll be ordering one this weekend.


Chris Canis