1084 & 15N20 Damascus Sources

Jul 24, 2003
I've got a customer who wants one of my knives in 1084 & 15N20 Damascus. I'd like to give him some choices of patterns and was wondering if people could let me know of damascus makers who use these materials and sell billets. The customer specified he would like 1084&15N20 as the steels so if we could limit it to just this mix that'd be great.

Also what has people's experience with Deer Mountain Forge been? I've seen their stuff on ebay but haven't bought any of it.

I have bought and sold alot of stuff off ebay, but never anything knife related. I would be hesitant to buy anything like what you are describing from an outfit on ebay. I could be wrong, but I think it would be like dealing witht he knife guy at the flea market.

In my opinion, if you can't talk to the guy who will be forging your billet directly, and discuss with him things like materials, and pattern I woudl search elsewhere for a billet. You have many good smiths right here on this forum to talk to, and I am sure that several of them may have exactly what you are looking for or are going to be making something very similar in the near future.

Lots of really great talent here, and the work that geets shown is evidence of that. This is how most of these guys make their livings and I can bet you will be vry happy with the work you get from any one of them.

Absolutely I'm definitely certain that my client (and me) would be happy with damascus made by one of the many talented smiths on this forum. I was just throwing that one out there as this guy seems to regularly have billets for sale on ebay but so far hasn't replied to my email.

My client would like to see some options for damascus patterns before going with any one pattern so I need to get some choices collected for him.

Although I don't post that much I hugely appreciate the work people do here and the information that I gain by coming here. I would definitely like to see someone here benefit from my knife order by selling some of their damascus to me. I don't often see damascus billets for sale on the forums which is why I posted this request.

I got an email this morning from a fellow forumite offering some damascus and am definitely going to look into it. If there is anyone else willing to sell or trade a billet or two definitely let me know so that I can give my client some options. I would also be more than willing (as far as my limited funds will take me) buy or trade for more billets to use with other knife projects in the future.

Thanks again.

I got a piece of damascus from Deer mountain forge (Craig Barr). A very pretty, low count piece. His work looks good but I haven't ground any yet. I'm just a newbie.

There is another guy on ebay (sherpa64) that has higher count stuff...higher price too. :p
Thanks for the replies everyone and also the private emails! I am working on getting some info from some damascus makers and will start passing info to my client soon.

Thanks again,