1095 Tempering

May 11, 2022
Hello all, I'm a beginner bladesmith and I'd like to ask if anyone has the tempering specs for 1095? I want to put together or find a cheat sheet that can tell me what temp and time to temper that steel. Also, can you use a propane forge to heat the steel for tempering? I do not own an oven that I trust to not burn my house down while tempering.
Jun 7, 2012
It depends what your intended usage is, and what hardness you are looking for. Going to need some more information. You can simply google a 1095 tempering chart for hrc values.
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Aug 20, 2004
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For a knife blade, 1095 tempers between 350°F/175°C to 450°F/230°C
I use 400°F/200°C for most blades.
Larrin's book "Knife Engineering" is an invaluable tool for getting really good results in HT.

Larrin's HT regimen for 1095 is:
Heat to 1425-1475°F and hold for 10 minutes. (HT oven is the best way to do this)
Quench in fast oil. (Thick blades can be quenched in brine)
Temper twice for one hour each cycle at 350-425¯F.