110 damascus question

Nov 30, 2000
I just recieves my new damascus 110 in the mail a few days ago.
But the blade looks like it is flawed.
One side of the blade is beautiful, it is smooth and I can see the lines of the lamination very nicely.
However the opposite side of the blade is not smooth, it has a rough pebbly texture and look to it.
This isn't normal for damascus, is it?
I've tried to call the Pete's phone number but I get no answer.
Can someone tell me if this blade is normal or flawed ?
Thank you.
Bill Smith
I can't speak for all Damascus blades, but mine is the same on both sides, nicely defined.
Thanks, It looks like I got a bad one.
I've tried to call Pete's but get no answer. Hopefully they're just on vacation this week because I'm quite disapointed in spending that kind of money for a custom and getting one with a bad blade. Don't they have any kind of quality control checks ??
O.K. rant over.

I talked to a guy at Buck last week and he told me that they would be shut down for two weeks.
I spoke to Joe Houser, and he told me the same thing. A lot of manufacturing companies do that over the summer.
The will make it right though. Any time I have had even a small problem, they corrected it quickly.
I'm glad i finally got to speak with you on the phone. Sorry about the delay from our plant shutdown. Looks like we need to communicate those things better in the future.

Take care,