13 colonies knives

Jul 29, 2004
Hi everyone :)
Can anyone help me?
I purchased a knife made by Schrade for Parker (so I've been told).
It's a Massachusetts commemorative, one of 13 made in 1976 for the bicentennial. I'm ready to buy the other 12 (hint, hint). Any more information will be greatly appreciated.
I already have the 13 different boxes they came in. Seems like I always buy the arrows before I buy the bow.
Regards, Jerry
BTW Good news about Smokey buying up Schrade. Hope they do it right and maybe back off on the imported junk.
That particular set came with a large clasp knife as well as the smaller ones which you have a represenative of. The one in the Schrade collection which was just sold was supplied for the collection from my personal knives. You will just have to watch ebay to find another complete set. LT
Looks like it's gonna be a long quest, but a fun one.
Congratulations on the cornerstone. No one is more deserving.
Hi Bingo. You may have already searched there, but e-bay is a great place to find discontinued limited edition knives for sale. There is usually quite a large list. If you check the auctions periodically, you can come up with some pretty interesting items. You may also be interested to know that the 13-Colony set was actually a 14-knife set. There were 13 original Colony knives and one big Bulldog pattern that was displayed right in the center of the display case, and they were made by Schrade for Parker Frost in 1976. The suggested retail at that time was $350.00 for the set. Good luck.

Hi LT. Long time, no see (talk) :)
I had heard about a centerpiece, but not what it is. Anyone got a picture of this Bulldog? Or the whole display for that matter??