$149.95 for this knife . . .worth it?

looks nice, good quality, question is do you want to spend the money???
Now, I like this knife. But, I am waiting for them to come down in price. I dont think it is worth $150.

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Like some of AG Russell's other offerings, this one appears to be a replica knife designed for collectors. The fit and finish is probably high -- nice shiny nickel silver guard and butt, and highly polished blade. But "users" in this size, these days, probably wouldn't go with AUS-8A. A good steel (mostly in folders), but used here probably for the "shiny look."
If you like the knife buy it. I would'nt wait for AG's prices to go down. You will be waiting a long time.

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I like that knife a lot, I also trust AG Russell to give you a quality product. They aren't usually the cheapest place to buy on the Net, but they often have stuff you can't buy any place else. What I might do is check in their Cutting Edge catalog to see if they have one for resale? I don't think $150 or even the $170 they have listed there is a lot to pay for that knife, it just depends on what you're looking for?

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In that size and functional range, you'll be hard pressed to find anything else near as "pretty".

You *can* find stuff with a better steel in that price/size range, but it won't look as nice. Some of the CS CarbonV pieces come to mind.

If you want a "fighter", the Ontario/Bagwell "Gambler" is far superior in the handling department. Sure enough, AGR sells it for $149, and while it's a bit longer it's almost certainly lighter...it's a "quick" design. Not a bad looker either, this is the one I'd get

But that AGR 1965 piece fills a unique niche and yes, in my opinion it's worth the asking price, if that's your thing.