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14K gold and diamond ring for sale !!!!Cheap !


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Dec 17, 1999
Here goes,
This is something I am selling for my wife actually. It's a 14K gold band with 16 very small diamonds set in. Nice and classy little ring, I think is somewhere between 6 and 7 in size I believe. Not totally sure. Diamonds are all real, just small. Gold is 14 k and solid. I had this appraised at approx $175. for used jewelry. You can get this now for just $150. shipped conus ! Paypal preferred. Thanks, no trades....Rich
Email for pics, they wont fit here.
When the hell did you get married?!!! Forget that....who would marry you?!!! :p :D ;)
Hey bro,
LOLOLOL Got hitched on Sept 1st. To an old crush from 15 years back. We met again and it was right so what the hell we did So far so good. What's new with you ? Take care...Rich
Congrats Rich! Sounds like you're havin' fun to me.......... :cool:
Congratulations, Rich!

My condolences to the bride ... :p Aaahhhhh ... she'll get used to ya!
LOL, thanks guys...much obliged ! Hey nifeman I will send you a pic. Take care....R
Now just $140. shipped conus !
email me for pics !
Might trade for a Benchmade Neil Blackwood NIB folder? Or an EKI CQC 10 or CQC 9 or 11 waved ?
$125. last time around. Email me for pics....R
Hey there Redstripe, I sent you some pics. Did ya get them? let me know. Thanks....Rich