15 inch Ang Khola quality vrs a Busse Ash

May 7, 2008
Does anyone own a Ang Khola and a Busse? I am debating on my next purchase of either an Ang Khola or a more pricier ASH or steel heart. I have heard good things about the Ang khola but does it really compare with a Busse level of workmanship?

From what I see the Ang Khola handles don't come across as robust but I suspect they would be good enough for my limited use. The tang just doesn't look nearly as sturdy.

Could anyone chip in and give me there two cents please. I am sure at some point I will own both though.
Feb 1, 2001
It is hard to compair the 2. The Khukuri is 100% old world hand crafted and the busse is made on machines with modern technoligy.
The Busse will hold an edge better. The khukuri is going to be much heavier and made to chop better. For a general camp knife I'd take the Busse but for a real heavy duty chopper/hammer the Khukuri would be the better choice....both and indestructable!
Nov 7, 2005
search for some pictures of khuk re-handling projects here on BF. You might be surprised at how thick the 'rat-tail' tangs are on the Ang Khola. Some people prefer to call them 'kangaroo tail' tangs.
Also, there are many varieties of khuk (including Ang Khola) which are available with a full tang - these are marked as Chiruwa.

As to how they compare it's really hard to say since some khuks are thicker than others etc. (that's in the nature of handmade things) but it's probably safe to say that the Busses will be a bit better for general use simply because a khuk is just too thick to 'slice' smaller things.

On the other hand, khuks come with a small utility knife and steel which carry in the scabbard. :)