15" silver mounted, carved handle AK by Durba. Pix & deal.

Mar 5, 1999

Here's an absolutely perfect 15 inch AK, silver mounted, carved saatisal handle that's the deal of the day. Everything about the entire rig is perfect -- AK, karda, chakma, scabbard, frog.

We will deliver this great rig to your door today for $150.

Call or email if interested.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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oops Now bobs pissed he smacked me because he was helping me with some thing and missed the UBDOTD.....(kinda mean kinda sad kinda funny...
This piece is similar to one I picked up recently...good work, Jim and good taste in khukuris!.

groan. he dashes off e-mails at 4 a.m., snags UBDOTDs within minutes, seconds even, of posting--how does he do it?
He has a dedicated T3 line, with a 1.7 Gigahertz dual mounted on his own personal server, which is directly attached to Bladeforums' connection. He then had it set up so that all posts from NV are routed through his home machine and examined before they actually get posted on the board.

unless I'm mistaken, most of us who're posting here within a quarter hour or so of this UBDODT have at one time or another beaten Jim out of a Durba. In my own case, just once--the exception that proves the rule. In Harry's case, who knows, maybe 50 or so times. Those two collectors are amazing. Watching them snag UBDOTDs is like watching Tiger Woods, or Michael Jordan in his prime. I'm going fishing.
and notice that the cave dweller isn't rubbing our faces in it. He is truly on a different plane.
No, he's probably asleep right now, dreaming of finding "The One" which will allow him to stop doing "research."

It was a good day for me to be at the VA getting poked and prodded... I would have been very frustrated having missed out on this one by a couple of minutes

That's a beauty Jim...

Al - It was also a good thing that your bud rented a couple of movies. The ONLY thing that could have made that little beauty any nicer would have been a carved, silver mounted sheath
Another Durba?!?!?!?
If it is an Tsimi knew that it's a little mackeral he didn't go for the pair, actualy it's a little mackeral he didn't anyway if you told Tsimi you had 2 of them Bro.

I just put your check n the mail for the last 2 khukuris I got Bro.
One of these days I am gonna have to have one of these carved handles to go with my carved Kumar Karda's.
But since we can get the carved handles on about anything, perhaps the new dui chiara chainuri or the new sabre.

Now that would be a nice little knife for Bella as well, the Kumar Karda and the JKM-1 or JKM-2.

Have you seen those Bella?
They're way too kewl!!!!


Indin word for lousy hunter.

Not to speak too much for her, but she's told me how much she wants a kagas katne.