15N20 Second Spring Batch, .120" and .06" - Blades in stock now

David Mary

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Jul 23, 2015
Good afternoon friends. I have more 15N20 on the way. A sheet of .06" and one of .120". Neck knives, like the one I currently wear (and which has so far developed no rust), kitchen cutlery, filet knives, outdoor knives, machetes, choppers (yes, you can have an absolutely beastly chopper in .120"), fighters, etc.

Unlike the last order, which I mostly did my own designs on, if you can think of something you would like me to make on this run, reach out by PM or email, and don't forget to check this out so you know what I can do for you:

The steel is from Alpha Knife Supply, and will be waterjet cut by HAI, and heat treated by Andy Pomorski.

There is a limited time to get in on this run, however, as I intend to get the CAD files sent to HAI on Tuesday. Anyone who qualifies, and places an order with me by the end of the day Monday will also receive the shop credit from this promotion:

BlindMouse2of3 BlindMouse2of3 Prevail and Boomerang would both be awesome in this thickness. A serrated 15N20 Prevail..... liking the sounds of that.

Danny Linguini Danny Linguini .120" Smatchet. Well .120" is such a great thickness for large knives because it allows them to be robust enough for all knife uses, but still light enough for prolonged use without incurring excessive fatigue.
Grid squares are 1/2". If it's orange it's claimed. If it's not, I probably want to make it for myself, but well I'm here for you first, so go ahead and crush my hopes of having all the cool knifes. Don't feel too bad though, I'm taking a Barax. And a Prevail. And not for R&D. For keeps this time. Don't ask for them when you see them finished, please I beg you, because I really really want 'em.


That is a design the customer came up with. It's also going to have jimping on the thumb ramp, which I'll cut in with the dremel when I get them back from heat treatment.
You're very welcome Cesar
All blades from this run have been heat treated and are now in transit to the shop, with the exception of the ones I already received and finished (ie the Smatchet and a Barax, plus my personal EDC Serrated Prevail).