160OT w/"turquoise" handle

Nov 11, 2004
I recently bought a Schrade 160OT w/a "turquoise" handle having wood inserts. Can anybody tell me about this knife? Pat Z.
Pat, I watched that knife on ebay for days. I am trying to find a 160OT myself. It looked nice from the pictures. I am no expert, but I think it was rescaled, as I intend to do with a few of my old timer fixed blades. I was wondering if it was genuine turqouise or some polymer. From what the guys here have told me, the 160OT was made from 1990-1995. Maybe it was a special edition I've never seen, but uhfan, tex, LT, or Irv will surely know. It was a pretty knife either way! Congratulations! :cool:

You've mistakenly put me in illustrious company, Codger, so let me try to make an educated guess. A early rehandle job, by:
Santa Fe Stoneworks

Here's the Ebay link for you others to check Pat's knife out:

For many years, that diagonal-stripe insert (of various materials) was Santa Fe's signature. Send them a pic of your knife, and they will be able to tell you if it is their work.

Here's a Camillus double edged boot knife that I had rehandled by Santa Fe several years ago. The handle is 'Black Jet' (jewelry grade coal, I think), wtih diagonal in silver and mother of pearl. I'd very much like them to do a pair of pistol grips for my .38 to match this.

Again, just a guess. Pat, you obviously have great tastes in knives, judging on what you've purchased on ebay. Welcome to the forum, you belong here.


I don't have details myself, but I can tell you that it was definitely customized by someone outside of Schrade. We never made a 160 with turquoise. Didn't see it, but I'll bet it's a beautiful knife.
Were's the "headsmacking" imocon when you need it. I've saw that knife too, and just know noticed that the guy is from Smackover. I drive thru there almost twice a month. I didn't bid because I expected it to go well over the close. [/headsmack]

Congradulations Pat. :)
These pop up every so often I have a few ( like everything else ) laying around. I included a couple of pics from some. I thought, I dimly, remembered a catalogue which showed a pic of this style perhapes it was an option to have done from there custom shop, perhapes it was Santa Fe, they are in the signature style of the guy whos name escapes me ( John Elk???? something I think ) . In any event if Deb says they never made them I believe her but apparently they are around. Now the little lb-1 on the left is in mother of pearl that is not original but I thought it was cute so I threw it in the pic. LT PS you will notice the tang on the sheath knife is 153 UH and not a LTD ED so that would lead me to again agree with Deb in that it is a custom.
The 160OT is a great knife. I have six of them.
Why six? Because they were inexpensive ( ~$48 CAN at Walmart), and a great knife regardless of price.

I use three of my 160's, with the other three just sitting in the box. And none are for sale.
On two of the 160's that I use, I ground down their upswept tips to a shape more to my liking. Kind of drop point. I did the grinding by hand using a cheap AO sharpening stone. This kind of reshaping gouges the sharpening stone, so there's no point in using a good stone when a cheap one will do. Because the tip on the 160OT is rather thin and narrow, grinding down the tip in this manner isn't too difficult.
I've also modified the blades on some of my other Old Timers fixed blades. There, the steel is thicker, so the work was harder.

Gotta learn how to post picture.

And, is the 160OT kind of like a fixed-blade Spyderco Chinook II ?
marty123 said:
"I use three of my 160's, with the other three just sitting in the box. And none are for sale."

Ummm.... Marty, sharing is caring! :D You wouldn't miss just ONE, would you? ;)

I must say you are getting very adept at the " Art of the Shameless Knife Hustle."

Well done. :D

Thanks to all for your help. I'm new to this & I'm going to try to put a scan of the knife in here, but I can't figure out how to do it. I'll try E-mail maybe. Again, thanks. Pat Z.
Pat, one of the gold members can post it for you, but us fng's who don't pay the subscription can't post pics. There is a workaround for this, but I don't use it. I've only been hanging out in this pub for a short time as well, but if you want Schrade info (not to mention laughing and crying along with a swell bunch of folks) this is the place to be! The ebay link to your auction and a pic of your knife was posted above by textoothpick under the word "PRETTY".

Bill, what can I say but in my best Elvis voice "Thankya, thankyavurymuch!" Less than a month here and I am already learning to sit up and beg. Schradeophile. Hmmm.... kind of like the ring of it. Not at all disease-like. More like a mental condition! :D


"My other knife is a Schrade too. And my other one and my other one, and my...."
Schrade never did any custom handles on any of their knives which included special inlays in such an ornate design. Their main specialty was total handle material, but not with inlays. There was a guy out West who was doing a lot of his own customization using the materials shown to a lot of our different patterns (especially LB7) at one time, and I kept coming across his name, and I'm having a tough time recalling what it was. For some reason the name John Yellowhorse or Whitehorse or something like that comes to mind, but I know whatever his name was, he did beautiful work.
I believe that would be David Yellowhorse. And Brian (his son, maybe?) may have done some more recent versions.
I know David worked with Schrades and Bucks. I have seen Brian do some Bucks and some things for United. Both are quite talented with wood, stones, pearl, and metal work.

Here is a link to some of his work: