1660 Leek: Boutique & Short Run Production Totals.

Thomas W

Oct 11, 2005
Had some peeps interested in production totals on short run Leeks. Here is the current list:

There are others (Snap-On's, NASCAR, discontinued, etc.) but I left those off. I'm sure there will be questions, just let me know. I may have also left a few off (although this is pretty complete) that may be of interest, again, let me know.

1660ALCKT Blk Alum Scales, Black Blade 595 Pieces

1660BBCKT Black/Blue Smoke Scales, Black Blade 493 Pieces

1660BBKO Black/Blue Smoke Scales, Ken Onion Sig. 750 Pieces

1660BG Polished Black DLC FL w/Gold Fittings 3487 Pieces

1660BLK Polished Black DLC Blade & Handle 1169 Pieces

1660BLKST Black Alum/Bead Blast Blade/CE 585 Pieces

1660BLKVIB Polished Black DLC FL/Rainbow Blade 495 Pieces

1660BLKVIBKO Polished Black DLC FL/Rainbow Blade/KO Sig. 985 Pieces

1660BP STD 1660 w/Black Pearl Inlay 572 Pieces

1660BPST Blk/Purple Smoked/Bead Blast Blade/CE 269 Pieces

1660BRCKT Black/Red Smoke/Black Blade 489 Pieces

1660BRKO Black/Red Smoke/Bead Blast Blade/KO Sig. 798 Pieces

1660BS Black Alum Handle/Bead Blast Blade 4865 Pieces ongoing 500 a year

1660BWCKT Black/White Smoke/Black Blade 493 Pieces

1660BWCKTST Black/White Smoke/Black Blade /CE 500 Pieces

1660BWKO Black/White Smoke/KO Sig. 750 Pieces

1660C Camo/Bead Blast Blade 790 Pieces

1660CST Camo/Bead Blast Blade/Combo Edge 162 Pieces

1660CF Std. Leek with Carbon Fiber Insert 395 Pieces

1660CFST Std. Leek with Carbon Fiber Insert/CE 284 Pieces

1660CGT Coarse G-10 Scales/S30V Blade 498 Pieces

1660CGTST Coarse G-10 Scales/S30V Blade/CE 128 Pieces

1660CKTGT BLK FL/Silver Twill G-10 Inlay. 435 Pieces

1660CKTSL BLK FL/Bead Blast Blade 1329 Pieces

1660CKTSLST Blk FL/Bead Blast Blade/CE 648 Pieces

1660CKTWP Black FL/MOP Inlay 618 Pieces

1660CKTWPST Black FL/MOP Inlay/CE 279 Pieces

1660DAM Std FL/Damascus Blade 2425 Pieces

1660G10ST G-10 Scales/S30V/CE 259 Pieces

1660GLD Polished Gold TiNi Blade & Handle 1233 Pieces

1660GLDST Polished Gold TiNi Blade & Handle/CE 677 Pieces

1660GTST G-10/S30V/CE 128 Pieces

1660MVIB STD. 1660VIB w/Matte Finish 459 Pieces

1660SS High Polished SS Blade & Handle 2552 Pieces

1660T1G10 “Swirl” G-10/ 13C26 Blade 500 Pieces

1660VIBKO STD 1660VIB w/KO Sig. 1052 Pieces

1660PR Purple ?????? 1039 Pieces

1660PGTST Polished G10/S30V/CE 945 Pieces

1660PGT Polished G10/S30V/PE 933 Pieces

1660TIZDP Ti Scales/ZDP-189 Steel 1069 Pieces

1660TSW Random Leek/Standard FL/14C28N steel debut 984 Pieces
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Hello, how about the Desert sand 1660DSBLK and Olive 1660ODBLK? Or are those always being made?
We need a sprint list like this for the 1670 Blurs, please.

The Blur list that is floating around seems inaccurate.
KERSHAW 1660FLG LEEK AMERICAN FLAG Just bought one for 44.99 off ebay..Its like over 70.00 on amazon so i think i got a good deal .Most i spent on a leek and this with be my 4th one .I got the red and black and blue and black smoked bead blast
I'd love to know about the Snap On version,


Thanks :)