18" very good Gelbu Special. Little rust saves $50. Pix -- maybe.

Mar 5, 1999

Here's a 10/10 Gelbu special, 18 inches and 20 ounces. Good karda and chakma. Good scabbard. 100 year HI superfrog.

The only thing wrong with this rig is there is a little rust at the tip of the blade. Looks like about a 15 minute job with some sandpaper to get it back to magic stone mirror finish.

Than 15 minutes of rubbing with sandpaper saves you fifty bucks.

We will deliver this rig to your door for an even $100.

Call or email if interested.
Bro is it monsoon time in Nepal or
It seems that you've had a terribly lot of slightly rust marked khukuris
When I 1st saw my Tarwar I thought that the rust may be due to someone's fingerprints on it before it was greased down for its trip to the US.
Maybe one of the kamis has a lot of acid in his system?
It's a good deal for us forumites, but it's dayumed shame that so many have the same problem.:(
It is monsoon, Bro, and there are two problems. The scabbards are humidity soaked and if the kamis don't get the entire blade covered where they miss will rust. Also, sometimes they will swipe a lot of the grease off the blade when they stick it in the scabbard and that leaves an opening for the rust, too. Monsoon won't be finished until late September so we are in for more rust.
Uncle Bill:

You have mail....Guess the slender blades got a hold on me...Looks like a J&P.
It's a long way to Hazard but this knife is going to make it to KY despite the mail service to that part of the world. She flies tomorrow, Wal, Priority (ha) mail.