1987 Aviator

Sep 12, 2005
I just picked up a MIB aviator and am not sure if I should ebay it away or put it in my Bug out gab. It's a nice knife #447 with all the original stuff.

Do you guys have any idea what this might fetch? I have a sm. sebenza which I carry everyday thanks to the info I got here on BF.\

Thanks in advance,

Feb 27, 2002
There have been a few of the Aviators popping up on the aftermarket lately. Since your numbered Aviator was made in South Africa it typically brings a little additional value to the knife. I have three of the numbered versions in my collection, with one of them a used / user that is in one of my BOBs.

I would have to go back to my records, but I think that they made over 700 of the Aviators prior to emigrating to the States. Drop CRK a line and Anne can probably tell you the approximate time range when your knife was actually produced. Given the relatively large number of SA Aviators it is worthwhile to consider keeping it as user.