1st CS Recon Tanto

Feb 19, 2001
I have one of the original Recon Tantos. The one with the grayish-brown coating (not the black baked one, like on the SRK). It is configured/styled like the original tanto (the one that started the whole Cold Steel thing), not the current Recon Tanto with the longer blade and different shape. Can someone please tell me if this knife was Carbon V like the original tanto or is it something else and, if so what? Thanks. John
I've got one of these too.
Same grip as the original CS Tanto, but the blade and brass furniture are all bead blasted.
These knives were the original Factory Second from CS.
They're made of exactly the same materials as the original CS Tanto, but there's something wrong with them. In most cases, including mine, the grind lines from one side of the blade to the other are less than perfectly symmetrical.
I can live with that, it's a great knife that I don't have to worry about abusing, as it's not a high dollar job and it'll TAKE the abuse.
I paid 49.95 for mine way back when, and I've bead blasted it a couple times over the years. Still looks great and works just fine.

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This does not answer your question, but it is a bit of info for you on the side. Carbon V is actually a trademark name and not any particular steel. Cold steel could use CPM3V or 440-C and call it Carbon V!!!! I hear that they have changed what carbon V is over the years (I don't know how often, or why). Good luck in finding the answer to your question.

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