2 cent shop tour and new knife.....

Jun 17, 2001
This is my latest knife. 4" saw steel blade, wrought iron fittings and stag tip handle. 8" total. Took this picture of the inside of the shop this morning before it gets to cluttered up with junk. It will at least give you and idea of my new digs. At this time I can walk without having to turn sideways to get around.


Knife looks great and so does the shop, I wouldn't know what to do with all that room :cool:

So do you need a new neighbor ? ;)
Cool knife and I really like that sheath!!! I think that 3 anvils are to many for one person. I’ll figure the shipping cost to Missouri and you can start boxing up the big one. ;)

Joe Foster
Looks great, I realy like the way you build your knives, and the sheath just "fits" with theme.

Don't worry about the shop, give it a little time and it'll be so cluttered that you won't be able to walk! I'm glad that I'm not the only one who uses a portaband in a vise for a bandsaw!
Hey Joe, The only thing I collect are anvils. Sorry but there staying here in Oregon.

Will, A guy at work 9 years ago traded me a brand new portaband plus 100 bucks for a knife he wanted real bad. I used the heck out of it and just replaced a tire a few months ago. I don't know what I'd do without it. The shop has been getting a more used look everyday. I hope I don't fill it up but I'm sure it will happen....
Ray, you can bet it will! Hey, great knife and shop, too.Some of us that are used to our small shops would need a compass to find our way around in your big shop. I would need a lunch and canteen to take along on the trek, too.
Raymond Richard said:
Took this picture of the inside of the shop this morning before it gets to cluttered up with junk. It will at least give you and idea of my new digs. At this time I can walk without having to turn sideways to get around.

Seeing all that open space brings tears to my eyes. If I were going to try to add an anvil into my phone booth sized shop, I'd have to mount it on the ceiling and learn to hammer upside down:)

Cool knife too. I like the rugged native look. Sell that bad boy and buy stuff to make a few more.

Great looking knife and you lucky dog having all that room :D Sounds like everyone else is in the same boat as me, not enough area to move around. :grumpy: I'd like to take some pics of my work area for my website but there's not much to see. :eek: I'm happy for you Raymond :D Your shop looks like an art gallery. :D
Nice job..oh the knife too. How big is yout shop? ALot of work to get set up huh?
Brian, There's 600 sq feet of dirt floor space. I spent 10 years in fairly cramped quarters. Its sure nice having the room. The way I pick things up it won't take long to fill up with crap. The big plus is I used most the stuff up that I saved for the shop while I worked as a carpenter. The area to the left in the shop was all waisted space. It has always been an open poll barn that had fill dirt brougt in. Where the main bench is set up didn't exist untill I put in a retaining wall. It was alot of work and a fair amount of money to do it but it was worth it. I used to get depressed in the old shop alot. I just freeze my ass off now........ :D
That looks great ray both the knife and the shop. The dirt floor is the way to go. I want a dirt floor when I get my new shop. It's safe and better on the legs.
J, Not to mention alot cheeper. The only draw back is droping something small and then trying to find it. I had the forsight to order alittle extra concrete so I could pour pads on a sheet of plywood and later set them into the ground for anvil bases and one for my floor mount drill press. All and all this is a 100% improvement over the old shop.
just curious but where the hell is your forge?:) i cant see it in the pic. very nice work though. is that damascus or is it just acid etched? i love that sheath!
Who needs a forge? :D Its pretty tuff to see but its there, just kind of hidden. If you see the propane bottle below the bench its right above it. Its also behind the portabandsaw. Its one of my small propane bottle forges. As for the knife I used several treatments on the blade. I'm always experimenting with different treatments. I did the Cold Blue and Clorox Bleach but with a different spin. I mixed alittle cold blue with mustard and dambed it on. Then dried it out with hot air and then an etch. I then cleaned off the mustard mix and soaked it in Clorox for a few minutes. Thats all I can remember. The madman at work.....
Wow, i should try that on some of my blades. I know i already said it but it needs to be said again, I love that sheath!!!! What kind of leather did you use?
The sheath is cow hide with a buckskin overlay. I took a different shot of the shop just a bit ago. Its getting well cluttered up with crap but thats the way it usually is.....