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2 from Jens Anso

Oct 12, 1998
I consider Jens to be one of those knifemakers that's an up & comer, by that I mean a guy who gives you a lot of bang for the buck, and he's also in what I consider to be the "going to be too busy real soon category". He's still relatively unknown, but as more and more people get it, he's going to be swamped with orders and delivery times will start getting longer. I can see it happening, from the quality of knives he delivers and the way he works with you through the e-mail. He was a pleasure to work with. It was rare that I didn't get a response from him within 24 hrs. most times it was a lot sooner, in some cases we just banged out e-mails every 5-10 minutes. This may not seem like a big deal, but trust me it is. Jens is in Denmark and so for that kind of response he's doing some crazy hours. For those of you who have concerns with overseas orders, all I can say is it wasn't a problem. I received my knives 6 days after he sent them.
Well how about I just post some URL's and you can look for yourselves.



Both of these images are scanned so please forgive the quality. It's much nicer in real life. I also wish you could see the knives on edge. The filework is great and the way the lines of the Damascus pattern on the spines is amazing.

Just so you know the Sheep is $175 without the filework or the 14k gold slug and the Claw is $140 without filework. Both of these include 1 kydex sheath each (very well made) for that price and I ordered the stingray sheath for the claw as I wanted it for a wallet knife. Jens actually sent me two sheaths as this was his first shot at a wallet sheath and he was experimenting. I found that it's a bit big for the wallet, but it will go very nicely with my check book! I'm still futzing with how I will carry these wonderful blades. I was planning on using the Damasheep for whitewater expeditions, but now I'm worried that it's too nice to do that to it. If I break down you see it tied to my vest eventually.

All edges (except sharpened ones) are nicely rounded and fit very comfortably in the hand. the first hole on the claw and the only hole on the sheep instantly draw your fingers for a nice grip. then you just naturally cap the spine of the knife with your forefinger. Both came razor sharp with a high hollow grind. I've used the Claw already for some envelope work and it's exceptional. I think it will probably make a great neck knife, bird & trout, caping knife (one of my hunter friends commented on how the claw would do a great job skinning deer, because of it's curved shape) for those of you who are hunters/fishermen. Stainless Damascus too!

I can say very easily that I recommend Jens to anyone who likes the look of his knives. And I like the fact that they aren't cookie cutter knives, they have a flavor all there own. You will not be disappointed! I wasn't.

~ JerryO ~

Cogito Cogito Ergo Cogito Sum
i've checked this guy's website a couple times....i consider his knives to be, artwork-wise and quality-wise, to be in the Sean Perkins range...
might have to get one of those claws; would go nice with my Barry Jones!
geez, that's some gorgeous work there!! is that the base price for the damaclaw?? i would also like to see one for a checkbook wallet...
In my opinion, the only reason Jens isn't already in the "too busy" category is that he is located out of country. I ordered a Sheepfoot kit knife from Jens a little over a year ago and I had no problem receiving it. Took less than two weeks. The work shown here is beautiful looking! Being an owner of Jens and Sean Perkins knives, they are completely different. Perform, look, and feel absolutely differently, although I like them both. Being a fan of small fixed blade knives, I think Jens and Sean are both great choices. This stuff from Jens just looks awesome!

Steve Agocs, D.C.

The wood is Ambonia Burl. My understanding is that it's a root from a shrub or small tree from Indonesia.

The Damasteel is PMC27 + RWL34. These are the powder metal versions of Sandvik 12C27 & ATS-34.

The Damaclaw base price is $140 plus whatever the filework costs, Plus I got a stingray skin sheath. The regular kydex sheath is included in that price.

That 14k Gold slug is what makes it for me though. It's a very classy touch.

~ JerryO ~

Cogito Cogito Ergo Cogito Sum
I've got one of those DamaClaws, also. Truly a beautiful, functional knife. My first Damasteel blade and it performs very well. After seeing Chiro's review, I also got a blade from Jens to put a handle on myself, still working on that project. I don't hesitate to recommend Jens' work to anyone.
I actually designed the Claw as a pocketknife for my self. I wanted to have a knife to show around untill I could make a decent folder....I still dont have one but carried one for a weekend when I was at a show...I like it too as a neckknife.

If I could just keep one of the knives I make....

Jens Anso, jens@ansoknives.com
(check out my homepage)