2 questiosn for Mike and Spark...

Jun 15, 1999
#1 - Mike, did you really win $10,000 on america's funniest people?

#2 - If Mike pulled a Les, could Spark get rid of him? Could Mike get rid of Spark?
Basically - who's form is it? Just curiuous who actually started it...
I predict if there is ever a serious disagreement between Mike and Spark, there will be a major split among the members with nearly everybody getting involved, Mike will fire Spark and any moderators who side with him, they'll start a new knife forum with Spark doing the geeking, and most of the members will start going to the new forum and continue going to the old one. I'm willing to bet on it. Why am I so sure that's what would happen? Just a hunch....

Actually I doubt any irreconcilable difference will ever evolve here; any issues that arise will be discussed until we find agreement.

-Cougar Allen :{)
I've been curious about the funniest people thing. What was the video about that you won with? I sometimes watched that show and might remember it. 10g for acting foolosh. What a country. I've been doing it my whole life for free.
No kidding......If i got paid for being stupid i would be so rich. Like the time i almost poured oil in the radiator, or the time i over flowed the toilet and flooded the basement, How about the time i was spraying ether through a match making a huge flame and almost burning down the garage. Dad would have killed me for that one.
Anyway, back to knives....
The rumor that the video in question was Spark in a tu-tu in absolutely not true. I think. Bill McWilliams and goat worship is with out a doubt someones fantasy. I do believe that the video of Doc Welch wrecking that brand new Porsche was "Amazing Cop Chases".

The names have not been changed to protect the guilty.
Mike K.
Lukers, you should hire someone to follow you around with a camcorder. Actually, we should all hire people to follow us around with camcorders ... but who will the people who follow us around with camcorders hire to follow them around with camcorders? And who will the people who follow the people who follow us around with camcorders with camcorders hire to follow them around with camcorders? And who ... Please excuse me; I need to go make some more coffee ... and it had better be stronger than the last batch....

-Cougar Allen :{)

P.S. Obligatory on-topic paragraph -----> Is there a SAK with a coffee grinder? How about a secret compartment for caffeine pills?

-Cougar :{)
I was a sales traner and manager for Tandy Corp. We received a new camera which was capable of some clever video effects. The one that won me the money was a mirror image effect.

I doubt Spark and I will split up anytime soon or in the future for that matter. I won't go into the past or the reason why he left his previous site.

2 Years ago, long before RDK and KFC, I had the original idea for a forum that would handle any all all knife related subjects. I was then on the BM forum but people keep asking about other brands. I then made a post stating that I would be happy to set up a forum for all to come by and hang out if they are not talking BM.

I then got a call from Josh Burbank. He said he already had the software to run such a site and he would be happy to host it. I told him I would be a part of it as long as it was not an extension of his business. He agreed and RDK was born.

A few months go by and things happen that made me decide that RDK was going down. Earl Stewart had, by that point, already started KFC and called me late one nite asking me to moderate the general forum their. I agreed the forum ran pretty smooth. Then things started happening there.

Well to make a long story right I decided to go ahead and start a new forum. After many late nite conversations with Spark we both started this forum. He did all the behind the scenes work, I fronted the money and my time.

We opended on October 2nd 1998.
I moved Spark down here in December and here we are nearly a year later just rockin -n- rollin!

I made many promises in my first post here.
Here they are.

Let's see a good question here; How I have done in my campaign promises?

More fun things to come so STAY TUNED!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

For another look at how we started, check out http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000806.html

Anyhow, I don't think that Mike and I are heading for a big breakup anytime soon, because we work well together. The key word there is together, as in not at cross purposes. I provide the knowhow, tenacity and back breaking labor at all hours for slave wages, and Mike provides many of the industry contacts (and required schmoozing thereof), the backing, and (mostly) stays out of the way.

Anyhow, like I said, we complement each other and because I know that I can freely do what has to be done, it makes for a friendly work environment. Mike knows to defer to my judgement on certain issues, and whenever I have a problem or need a second opinion, I know I can take it to Mike and he will provide another viewpoint which I can then use or completely disregard at my whim. Many times though, we find a new direction to head in which is even better than either suggestion, so that's the real boon.

At the very least, he's interesting to work with, and good natured about the amount of crap I give him on things. Plus, he knows that when there's dirty work to be done, he should stay out of my way until it's finished, which I really appreciate. Even if he can't exactly remember how things really happened...

Anyhow, there's no I in team, and BladeForums.com is a team effort. I shoot the trouble and make it happen, Mike provides the guidance and the means to have it happen, the moderators provide the expertise and round us out, and most importantly you, the members, come here and make the site a success. I could install the best software in the world and it wouldn't matter one bit if no one showed up to use it.

So, putting on the humble cap again, thank you guys for making the dream become a reality, and for proving that by and large knife people will rise to their potential when given the chance.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

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Bravo Mike and Spark!

So...3 days until the 1 year aniversary, huh?

I need a bigger bucket.