2 Unknown Buck Knifes

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The larger one is a classic Buck 110 from 1974-1980, I'm not up on the smaller 501 series, so I'll let someone else help you there.

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The large knife is a Buck Folding Hunter. It's model number is 110 as you see stamped on the blade. The two dots indicate it production period (1974-1979). The two inlay rivets indicate its a 1st Variation within the dot version. Likely made 74-75 timeframe. Inlay is Macassar Ebony and the steel is 440c. It looks to be in very good condition and is a desireable knife in this state.

The smaller Knife is a Buck Squire or Esquire in the early versions which you happen to have. The handles look like maroon micarta. That and the English Script stamp indicate late 70's production. It has a 440c if it's micarta. If the handle material is wood, its early 80's production and 425M steel. Looks like you have a nice user.

Hope this helps. Btw, there is a data sheet for the 110 at the top of the forum. Its downloadable.
Wow, those are a couple beauties to come upon-the 501 I believe would most likely be '79 or '80 cause afterthat they went to birchwood scales.

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Mark, Welcome . I agree with all thats been stated about your 110 . Yet, I must comment on the ebony slabs on your model 110 are very attractive . On your 501: that model came out in 1975, with burgundy linen micarta handles, stainless steel bolsters and liners all polished with a 440C blade (stated previously). This is an attractive dress knife . The first ones had an exposed rocker pin in the middle of the knife . Yours must be later as Buck began to hide that in 1977 . The old English script stamp was used until 1984
then block style lettering began . So, were narrowing it down . Then in 1981 Buck changed the handle material to impregnated birch wood . I can't tell in the photo of yours perhaps you can . Then in 1982 Buck switched to 425M blade steel . So, yours maybe mfg. from 1978-80 you'll have to tell us . This model is still being mfg. some and was very popular . Thanks for the photos . DM
Wow, thanks a lot everyone! They both looked like beautiful knives. I'm glad I got them. Unfortunately, those were the only buck knives i got. But I did get a fixed blade western though. Is their a sub forum for that?
General Knife Discussion or Traditional Folders and Fixed Blades, I expect would both be ok.
For the Western knife post in the Camillus forum. Western was bought out by Camillus.