2" x 72" sanding belts

Jul 8, 2001
I came across this, B Snyder Abrasives on e-bay. She has 2" x 72" zirconia belts in 24 to 120 grit for 2.25 ea. Silicon carbide in grits 36 to 800 for 2.25 ea. and alum oxide 2" x 72" J weight in grits 60 to 220 for 1.50 ea.
She said all belts are made by Alliance Abrasives in Ohio.
I just throught I would pass this along, its the best price I've found on these type of belts so I'm going to try some. If anyone else is interested contact Barb Snyder at barbkat62@yahoo.com I'm sure she has different sizes.
I've bought from her three times so far. The belts are medium quality, and worth the price for me. She's also been very friendly, a good communicator, and will have custom sized belts cut for you as well.
I bought from her also after seeing her belts on ebay. Great communication, fast service, great prices. A pleasure to deal with.