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20" AK blem by Sanu. Pix and bargain.

Mar 5, 1999


Here is a 10/10 20 inch, 2.5 AK by Sanu. Fit, finish, hardness all near perfect as you can see in the pix. The only thing wrong with this khukuri is the cracks you see in the handle. If you want to get fancy you can mix some matching color wood dust in some epoxy fill the cracks and clamp the handle and it will be hard to tell the handle has ever been cracked. Or, you can do a quick and easy fix with superglue. Either way, the handle is stress relieved now and should last for 100 years.

As you can see the karda and chakma are excellently done and that 7 inch karda is made for doing some serious work. Typical Sanu.

The scabbard is very well made and tooled by the sarki with no name.

Spend 15 minutes and 15 cents in glue cost and get yourself a top notch 20 inch AK for $50 off regular.

We will deliver this AK to your door today for $145 and send it with full HI guarantee.

Call or email if interested.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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Sanu's my favorite kami and this rig is a typical example why. He may not have Bura's technical perfection or Kumar's flair, but his khukuris have the most beautiful lines. Well at least to me they do.
You might want to consider a nice Dhankuta for her. This is a sweet little khukuri and I have yet to meet the woman who didn't like it.

Harry, She is in school to become a pharmacist. Any pointers for her? I think I will get her a small khuk soon!

Chris B.

Have your wife email me privately for pointers. Depending on where she is in her program the advice I may be able to offer her will vary.

One of the ones I wish I could afford.

My new must have list:
[*]Forward Curving Khukuri,</li>
[*]Ang Kohla,</li>
There was a day when I still bought European swords, honest.
Let's see, all I need to do is earn 5 - 6 times what I make now, and I'll be able to afford everything I want and need.
Man, I need to get out of school and get a real job!

Then again, reconsider the plight of John Wayne Bobbit and his honey Lorena Bobbedit.