20" Chiuwa sirupati by Kesar

Feb 19, 2001
I got my first HI khukuri, and was very pleased with it. Actually received it on the 1st of May, but do to lots of overtime, haven't been able to post until now. Since it had been posted as a UBDOTD, I was surprised that I got it at all, as it had been posted for several hours by the time I got home, and checked the forum. I guess luckily for me, everyone was either broke or asleep that day. I was impressed by the Katana, Tarwar, and JKM-1 which I had previously received, but was still not prepared for the thing of beauty that was in the box. The fit and finish on this khukuri is just tremendous. The satissal handle is perfectly done, and has a beautiful grain pattern to it. The blade is almost perfectly proportioned, and was so well done, that you can barely see the hammer marks from the forging process. It had an excellently done sharp edge right out of the box. Considering the equipment that the Kamis have to work with, I think Kesar pulled off a 15/10 effort on this khukuri. If this is indicative of his work, I already know who I want my next khukuri to be made by. Due to work, I still have not had time to really test it, but was unable to resist the urge to see how it felt biting in to something. We have a fence in the yard that was put up about a year ago, made with pressure treated lumber, so the wood is still nice and solid. I went outside, and took one swing at a 4 x 4 post, and ended up putting a 7.25" split in it. It wasn't even a full power swing. Looking back on it, I probably shouldn't have done it, since I now have to replace a fence post. The Khukuri came out of it totally unscathed, and just as sharp. It barely scratched up the finish. All in all I'm super happy with my new toy, and am looking forward to doing some more testing with it. BTW, I think that this is probably the ultimate zombie killer.

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Many thanks for report from the field, Ter. I have repeatedly said that Kesar is an excellent kami. Your observations tend to support my claims about him.

He does standard khukuris as well as anybody but lacks the imagination to do variations. He has been with us from day one and besides being a good kami is a really nice fellow.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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