20 inch AK----The Destroyer!!!!!!!

Aug 16, 2000
Helped my neighbor tear down an old tree house this afternoon. Pulled out a 20 inch AK and went after it. Hacked up 2 by 4's with ease. Wedged it between boards abd used it as a prybar. Generally abused the heck out of it. Needless to say, my neighbor was impressed. He was using a claw hammer and a crow bar. My tool never left my hand and did the job of both.

When all the old boards were on the ground, it was "Sam Adams Time". I wiped down the blade and held it in the sunlight. One small nick by the tip was the only "damage". I'm sure I hit at least a dozen old rusty nails. When I went inside, I grabbed a small stone and in a minute or two, the nick was gone, and after a few passes with the chakma, the AK was as it was before the project.

My wrist will probably be a little tight tomorrow, but the power of the AK allowed me to take less swings than I would have with a hatchet or a machete.

Great tool. Made short work of a big job
Amazing how work can be fun with the aid of khukuri. I find my every part of my body is not bothered by using the 20" Ang Khola except my fingers. My fingers get really tired and stiff. Interesting see what you find out tommorrow.

The tip is softer and does impact more.

Actually, today my right elbow is a little sore, but that's all. Not bad considering I'm not in the greatest shape after not doing a whole lot all winter.