Nov 25, 1998
similar to the previous Micra deal:

if you register at www.theglobe.com and then go to their shopping section (http://shop.theglobe.com), you will be offered a coupon for $20 off anything for sale on their site (s/h seems to be included).

at the moment they have a lot of Victorinox SAK's (and some kitchen cutlery brands). with the coupon, the smaller SAK's are $1.00 or $2.00 *total*! can ya beat it?

I think you can browse the shopping site before you register in case you don't find anything you like....

BTW, the coupon is good until Sept. 30th.

get yer Y2K SAK now!



Thanks for posting this offer! I have stocking stuffers for everyone now. If anyone else has offers like this, please post them!


In case anyone's looking for the exact URL for the SA products, it's at: http://shop.theglobe.com/scripts/psearch.dll?cat=ALL&pg=1&gen=ALL&pd=swiss+army+knife
(The Swiss Tool can be had for $54.95)

The Missus told me I ain't allowed to get any more knives until the electricity is turned back on, but she may make an exception.

Vampire Gerbil: similar to a domestic gerbil, except for the odd accent and little black cape.

Amazing! I have purchased a Victorinox SAK for $20 with a $20 off coupon and shipping included in the $20 price, so net cost to me is $0.

Very interesting. Hope it comes in the 1 Week advertised.

Thanks JonlyBonly
Swiss card for 5 bucks delivered.... Christmas will be easy if I order enough!

Dances with lemmings

Camper for five bucks. Nice.
Thanks for the tip.


Live Free or Die

I guess I was the only one who saw this the first time around. The only bad thig about it is that it takes them a while to ship them. I ordered on the 14th and their customer service just emailed me saying it would be another 10 to 12 days. But at $9 for a super tinker I shouldn't complain.
Picknicker for $5: a knife that's caught my eye before, but not enough to shell out full price for it, so a good candidate for this sorta thing. Thanks, JB!

Vampire, that URL gets you a list of 22 SAK's, but if you go "in the front door", you get a list of 29 SAK's. Dunno why, probably just different search criteria. I ended up getting one of the 7 that didn't show up in the first list.

Here's the guided tour, if anyone's interested:
  • start at www.theglobe.com
  • click on "shop.theglobe.com" near upper right corner
  • click on "register" in the upper left corner, and jump through the hoops...
  • click on "outdoors" near bottom of second column
  • click on "accessories" in left-hand column
  • click on "knives" in left-hand column
This gets you (signed up and) to the 1st page of a 3 page listing of 29 SAK's. If you leave out the "register" step above, you can just browse.

Oh, and note when you're signing up that they require name and address stuff (which makes sense), but the questionnaire (demographic info so they can advertise at you more heavily in the future) is optional.

(Oh, okay, I got bored/curious... Going in the "front door" and drilling down to the Knives section, you miss out on the "Seven Piece Block Set", and the Golfer, but you gain access to the: Money Clip, Picknicker, Ranger, Recruit, Soldier, Super Tinker, Swisschamp, Tinker, and Weekender.)

-- Carl

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The "Weekender" looks like a "Spartan" with a serrated blade. The "Spartan" is not on the site.

Is anyone registering multiple times? Are you using different email address', credit cards? I didn't see any restrictions posted.


well, I'm glad someone finally pounced on this offer. I posted it 8 days ago and was beginning to think there were no SAK fans on the forum.

I couldn't pass up buying the Manager (keychain/multi-tool) for $4.00!

leroy, did *you* figure out how to do multiple purchases using the same coupon?
Hmmm.. how many SAKs can you purchase anyway? Is that one coupon per person? Or can a guy get say 3 or 4? duh...

Hi Dan -- I don't know. I was going to have my girlfriend order one with her credit card and email, but the shipping address is the same. Hmmm....

VampireGerbil -- you should at least be able to get a Soldier -- It's only $1!!!

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O.K., here's the deal. The web site was not working correctly, so I called them up (1-800-495-5400). The girl told me that they are having a lot of problems with their site but that they are working on it.

Now, on to the important stuff- You can just call them and order any of the items on their site and STILL get the $20 off coupon.

It is limited to a one time use, and will come of the total of your order.

I did not ask about using diferent names and card #'s but sending to the same address for obvious reasons, but rest assured I will be calling everyone I can think of to order me some stuff (unless they decide that it is too much of a bargain to pass up

I picked up a Hiker for $5 delivered, you might as well have said I stole it.

P.S.- They also said it will not ship for about 10 days.

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The answer to your question is yes

The SAK fairy will be making more than one delivery very soon.

Great info, it was quite easy since I was
already a member of the globe, just have not been there in months

Thanks, can't beat a SAK for $3.70
Thanks for the tip JB. I got a Fisherman for $13. When I get to work I will use a different card and get one for my son.