20 questions about the REKAT Pioneer II



I was considering the purchase of a REKAT Pioneer II and as this would be my first REKAT purchase I have a few questions. So here we go:

-The "stone washed" finish, corrosion resistent or should I go with the black Ti?

-Are the knives tip-up or tip-down carry?

-Clip point or drop point? I plan to use the knife just for general utility type stuff and am leaning towards the drop point.

-Ergonomics, how are they?

-What about that gritty action I hear about when opening and closing the knifes? Should I interpret gritty as not smooth, stiff, or both? Does this go away with use?

-Does the blade come sharp, stay sharp, and resharpen easily? I know it depends on how I use it but just in general.

-What kind of customer service can I expect should I need any?

Any help or opinions on any of these questions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time and advice.

I consider the stone washed finish to be no rust problem for a pocket carry folder. If you work around salt water a lot, get the coated one, then only the edge will rust.

Tip down.

The clip point and drop point have almost exactly the same edge profile, and the drop point is just as pointy. The drop point looks a little more graceful, but they both work the same.

Ergonomics are excellent, one of the best folders available in that department. The index finger cutout, palm swell, and thickness of the handle provide excellent, comfortable, and secure grip with no ramps, ridges, or teeth to destroy your skin. The opening stud and lock release are easy to operate one handed.

The blade tang slides along a notch in the lock pin during opening and closing. This causes some minor vibration that you can feel, and it also helps hold the blade closed. They require minutely more effort to open, similar to opening a lockback. The action does get smoother as the tang and lock pin polish each other over time.

The Pioneer is supposed to be strong, and the edges that come with them are more on the strong side than the thin, aggressive side. I like thinner, more aggressive edges, so I resharpened mine. It is no big deal on a 3" blade. Heat treat is very good. The edge will polish up nicely, and is tough. Holds even a thin edge very well. Good stuff.

Bob Taylor is very good at answering posts in his forum here, and I have heard nothing but good about REKAT's customer service representative. Check out the threads on customer service in the REKAT forum.

The Pioneers are somewhat crudely finished, but they are supremely strong, well designed, and functional. If you want smooth and pretty, you probably won't be satisfied. If you want strong, reliable, and ergonomic, they are one of the best at any price.


Sounds like Steve answered your questions. I have the Pioneer II drop point. Used as my daily utility carry. Feels like a small fixed blade.
The Pioneer II swept point has been my daily carry ever since I got it. I just love the solidity and ergonomics of the thing. The openning action on mine is very smooth.