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20" Sirupati by Kesar. Pix & deal.

Mar 5, 1999
Here's a very good 20 inch, almost 2 pound Sirupati made and marked by old faithful, Kesar.
The only thing wrong with this khukuri is there are some grain lines on the handle which may or may not develop into cracks.

Good karda and chakma.

Scabbard is good, made & tooled by sarki with no name but just slightly tight. I think when it gets out of 10% humidity Reno it will adjust and be just fine. 100 year HI superfrog.

So, for those bothersome grain lines which probably will never go anywhere we'll take $50 off regular and deliver this rig to your door for $75.

Call or email if interested.


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My parents would never understand. :(:(:( Wait, they're going out of town until Monday! Oh wait, I'm still poor. :(
Passing on this one as this size and style is represented nicely in my collection...
Arghh there must be some truth to this whole HIKV thing. I cant get past this aching feeling that I must buy more khukris. My kris are gonna start getting jealous. Thank You so much once again Uncle Bill.
Another tally on the board....HIKV takes scores.

Fred, welcome to the club, it is an elite and scholarly group of ladies and gentlemen. I imageine that you will have alot of fun, I know I do :p ;)

HIKV JUST KICKED IN...violent episode :barf:...

Must... not... buy. Must save for convention.

Logging off... must...reassure virus...of Kukvention...