2006 Vegas 'Tactical Invitational'


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Oct 8, 2001
Sorry, I know nothing. Can you give us your impressions and input? This should have been a successful show. I hope so for all concerned.

  • Makers present
  • Their work for this show
  • Pricing? selling format?
  • Makers absent?
  • Photographers on hand
  • Show photos
I'm curious.

May 9, 2000
I don't know a thing about this show, but I am amazed that there were three shows with knives going on on the same weekend, in the same city. That doesn't make sense to me.

Win Heger

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Feb 29, 2000
I didn't attend the show, so I can't add much.

Makers included Neil Blackwood, Phil Boguszewski, Todd Begg, Ken Onion, Strider, and probably 4 or five others.

From what I heard the knives were all top shelf, read expensive. A good friend of mine told me the Bogies were $1500 and up.

There were two knife shows and the Shot Show in Vegas. The "Tactical" show was at 7 PM Friday, after the others had closed. Everyone I know that was going to the "Tactical" was pretty excited. I've not heard what transpired.

Sep 14, 1999
A friend of mine bought tickets for my wife and I to attend. All the makers mentioned above were there, ten in total. There was one Bogi for I believe $1000? There was great food and open bar included in your ticket price. two of each makers knives were auctioned off, one silent and one a closed auction. The rest of the makers knives were done raffle style, each raffle knife had a bag behind it that you put your name in and at a predetermined time the names were drawn and you got to purchase the knife you were drawn for. If you didnt buy the knife within ten min another name was drawn until the knife was sold. It was a nice show though the way the tables were arranged in the rather small room it was very hard to see some of the makers knives thorugh the crowds of people. There were also some VERY FREAKIN RUDE people at this show shoving me and my wife and everyone else around in front of the tables to see the knives, I felt this was the biggest negative of the show. There were only 100 tickets sold so you had a pretty good chance of coming home with something, though there was nothing stopping some people from sticking there name in the bag more than once.Printed tickets with your name on them like at the Plaza show would have worked a little better than post-its. Overall it was a nice show I would go to again as long as there were makers I was interested in getting knives from.
May 27, 2003
A little late on the info, but here it is from my viewpoint. It was a very sucessful show for all the makers. Onion's table and Bogi's table had enormous crowds surrounding them, but a few made their way to ours and we were happy to sell everything. I think the room we were in was a bit tight for the crowd but it didn't stop the feeding frenzy any!!!

We didn't have a show photographer, most of us had our knives photoed by Point Seven at the Classic show.

The food was terrific and the open bar was nice too.....but they weren't dillydallying on the teardown and close up shop action!!

I like the idea of the name on the ticket, but multiple tickets with the same # would have to be issued, as most buyers bid on several peices from different makers.

All in all, its a really fun show, unique one of a kind peices offered, nice venue and classy style. We still feel out of place with the other power house makers in attendance, but we actually had people who recognized Todd's work from the year before, so that was pretty cool!!!