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Important Info! 2018 Handyman Group Buy....OFFICIALLY CLOSED

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Mar 13, 2006
I have re-opened this thread until Tuesday 7/31/2018 at Noon Eastern

I made an error in mentioning that these knives will feature "Fiddle textured" Flats. I apologize for the omitting that in the description.

Unfortunately, the Group Buy for the “Sets” has been put on the back burner for now. We are working to find a way to make it feasible for us to do it while maintaining our normal Production schedule. But, let's make some SS Handymans

***Im going to unlock this thread Monday (7/23/2018) @ 1pm Eastern***

This will allow for anything that I may have forgotten or additions that may be needed. It will also allow you time to ponder your choices, as we will not accept changes after the claim has been made.


Quantity: 20

Model: Handyman

Steel: 3/32” (Mill finish) CPM154 SFT w/ Fiddle texture

Standard “Fiddleback” Pinout

Scale options

1.Desert ironwood over natural liners & blue pinstripes

2.Osage over natural liners & white pinstripes

3.Natural canvas micarta over natural liners & white pinstripes

4.Black canvas micarta over natural liners & white pinstripes


- Desert Ironwood & Osage - $360

- Natural or Black canvas micarta - $310


- The knives will be claimed in this thread just as Fiddleback Friday’s were handled. They are first come first served based on post number in this thread. Just claim “Handyman w/ insert your scale choice (from the list above) here”.

- We want as many Fiddleback folks as possible to be able to get in on this unique opportunity so we are limiting it to 1 knife per person.

- We anticipate a fairly speedy turnaround. Tentatively, We expect the knives to be ready to ship in approximately 1 month from the time everything is finalized. We are going to jump on them as soon as possible. I will start another thread for progression updates and inquires.

- Payment will be due once the knives are completed.


1. Scotcha


3. prom52

4. dedery

5. a2vg1095

6. Robbie B

7. jb33

8. NoRest

9. David Lim

10. Tekton

11. swonut

12. ndmiller

13. Lady1911

14. Snow Monkey

15. Skystorm

16. burnside

17. Scotcha

18. A2vg1095

19. dedery

20. RobbieB
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Oct 25, 2013
Please put me down for one :

Desert ironwood over natural liners & blue pinstripes

Thanks for the group buy!!


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Jul 9, 2016
only convex..we still dont have a scandi jig


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