21" Ganga Ram Special. Pix and deal.

Mar 5, 1999
Here's a 21 inch, 3 pound Ganga Ram Special. Bura made this knife but did not mark it. I can tell by the bolster and general quality. Bura is the only guy in the shop who will dovetail the seams on the bolster. The only thing wrong with this 10/10 GRS is the buttcap took a very slight ding during shipment.

Very good karda and chakma.

Scabbard is made but not tooled by the sarki with no name and there is about a one inch split in the edge side right at the top. A little strip of leather glued over this or a strip around the top of the scabbard will fix it up.

So, for ding on buttcap, one inch tear in scabbard, Bura forgetting to put his mark on the blade, you save $70.

We'll deliver this rig to your door for $125.

Call or email if interested.


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That handle looks like it has some real nice grain running through it. Perfect for a woodchuck :)
I doubt a woodchuck could lift it. :) But with this blade, a wood chuck could certainly chuck more wood.

It certainly is nice, isn't it? It's too bad that I'm too wimpy to use it.

Like I said when Uncle Bill posted the last GRS.
"The GRS is my favorite of the Large Khukuris!!!!"

I believe the GRS is one of the best if Not The Best of the heavy choppers.
I haven't ever used a 20"AK so I can't really say about compareing the GRS with them, but I know it beats my Super Salyan all the way around.:D
How much more wood could a woodchuck chuck with this GRS, Mike?

It is a very good knife and respectable deal.
Very nice Uncle but it's just not calling my name...I guess it's a little short for me. I just started a trap league and also need to wait on my Saber!!!
Wow, I am :eek: Impressed :eek: that nobody has bought this one yet!

I am tempted to spend, but the thought of other bills is bothering my pocket book. My HIKV is in recession today and I just dont have the strength to pry the $$ from it. ;)
Dang - looks like I might have skulked past the sharks again.

Subject to confirmation, of course.

Thanks to all the sharks and Uncle.

Good catch Moonpie! And welcome to the cantina!:)

I hope youn posted your post AFTER you e-mailed or called Uncle Bill. Posts take lower priority than e-mail, so rememeber always e-mail first. This was a great time to jump into the forum with your first post though. :) Hope to see you around more. And let us all know how you like it when it arrives.:rolleyes:

Well, we thought it was gone to Moon but he's got something else going now so this one is still available. Sorry for confusion.
Just 'cuz I congratulated Moonpie doesn't mean I gave up my number 2 slot.

Thanks, Uncle.
It has a home.