21" GS Review

Oct 13, 1999
The duck hunters in my area weren't around this morning, so I was able to take a jaunt into the local woods to try out the Kumar 21" GS I acquired recently. Thanks to the advice from the sharpening gurus and some practice, I had managed to give my GS a razor sharp convex edge. I was eager to see how it would hold up.

For at least half an hour I roamed the woods looking for downed trees to chop. The largest one I chopped through was at least 5". It was leaning against another tree at a somewhat awkward angle and was good and seasoned, requiring 5 and a half minutes to chop through. I also chopped through a 9" soft, rotten tree lying on the ground in about two minutes (it was really soft). After chopping through it, I placed the blade between the two sections and flexed it a few degrees before letting it return to true.

I also tried my hand at taking on some of the vines (nobody would miss a few of those anyway) :p The vines ranged from 3/4" to 1 1/2". They were springy and a bit tough, requiring a few swings or more to get through. After a while I got the hang of it, slicing through the more firmly grounded 1 1/2" vines with one swing.

Overall I was pleased with my new khuk. It chopped well for its size and weight (the spine on mine was 3/8" thick, so I believe it would be on the light side for a GS). The horn handle was comfortable to use, though I plan to take some fine steel wool to it in order to improve my grip on it. The edge held up to the seasoned trees without any damage and some steeling at home with my trusty Raz-R steel made sure that it was just as sharp as before.

Glad you were able to try out your new blade. The GS' are sweet!! :D Thanks.

great review...tell us more about your Raz-R steel....
Here's a good thread about the Raz-R Steel (the review by Cliff is a nice bonus):


I've had mine now for about four years now. I like using it because its guaranteed to have the correct hardness for a steel, unlike the typical chakmas. I've gotten the correct angle for steeling down, so I just use it like a regular steel. I steel with it edge first as I seem to get better results that way. I've only started using it again recent after learning about the mousepad/sandpaper technique for my khuks. I had forgotten about it having a pocket clip until I read Cliff's review...shows how observant I am. ;) :rolleyes: